Building great products doesn’t start with code, it starts with an idea. But how do you know when you’re chasing the right idea? And more importantly, how do you know when to change course? Then once you’ve changed course, how do you get – and keep – all your teams aligned?

Every company that builds software is working to make the development lifecycle more efficient in order to build better products. But it’s not just developer productivity or efficiency that will help businesses deliver the right products for their customers. It’s building the thing your customers truly need.

Key product announcements from Atlassian Presents: Unleash

Today, at Atlassian Presents: Unleash – our inaugural event dedicated to empowering agile & DevOps teams – we’re announcing three major advancements to our Jira suite of products that connect work and teams from idea to impact.

  • Jira Product Discovery – a new product ideation and prioritization tool, used by thousands of customers like Canva and Cisco while in beta, will be generally available in early 2023. Efficiency is in trouble if you’re fast-tracking the wrong ideas, so we built Jira Product Discovery to help product managers get to the right one.
  • Jira Work Management – is included with every new and existing Jira Software license for up to 35,000 users until March 2024. For free. Companies don’t need to spend a penny more on additional project management software because everything they need is already connected to the same industry-leading security that powers Jira Software.
  • Jira workflow and toolchain templates – designed by industry experts and Atlassian customers, these new templates help customers pivot and get going fast. Get set up in record time with templates that have all the workflows, permission schemes, and even automations and integrations already built-in.
Jira infographic
Power work forward for every team with Jira

Over 100,000 customers rely on Jira to help them manage their work. From ideation in Jira Product Discovery – to delivery in Jira Software and collaboration with business teams in Jira Work Management – to support and operations in Jira Service Management, the Jira suite offers a powerful set of connected tools to help these teams do their best work.

Jira Product Discovery: Discover and prioritize the right stuff

Today, we’re excited to announce the upcoming general availability of Jira Product Discovery, a new tool that helps product managers and their teams prioritize, collaborate on, and deliver new product ideas to help them build products that make a real impact.

It has never been more important to prioritize and build products customers will actually use that also drive impact for the business. In the past, new product and feature ideas have been gathered in spreadsheets, backlogs, disparate tools, or just in the heads of product managers. These scattered ideas created chaos that too often resulted in the release of features and products that didn’t solve real customer needs. In fact, three-quarters of product managers struggle to determine the true value of their product for customers. This is why product discovery is quickly becoming an essential process in the software development lifecycle and why we built Jira Product Discovery.

With Jira Product Discovery, product managers have a dedicated space to gather ideas, capture insights, prioritize, collaborate, and share progress and plans easily. Products are constantly improved and iterated upon. A product is never ‘done’ and when you have discovery and delivery on the same platform, it becomes a two-way conversation. The entire product team can truly collaborate.

Jira Product Discovery is helping us do the right things, in the right order, and at the right time, focusing on work that will deliver on benefits.

John Sayers, PMO Lead, RenaissanceRe

Assess risk, impact, and effort to find your best ideas

Jira Product Discovery makes it easy for great ideas to rise to the surface because the entire team – from sales, to design, to the CEO – can collaborate, add insights, vote for ideas, and contribute to the future success of the product.

jira insights screenshot
Turn product management into a team sport with collaboration tools where the entire company can add insights.

Research, customer feedback, and insights add context to ideas in Jira Product Discovery by saving data directly from tools like internet browsers, Slack, or customer research tools with native integrations. With easy prioritization, what once was a largely invisible product discovery process is now connected to the rest of the business.

Rally the team and build for impact

Product managers have a tough job. Internal stakeholders are yelling in one ear and customers are demanding new features in the other. It’s hard to successfully prioritize in that environment, much less sort through the noise to prioritize that game-changing idea.

In Jira Product Discovery, product managers can create and review different views of their ideas, such as impact vs. risk, to help make better tradeoffs and see what will drive impact for both the customer and the business. They can easily connect the ideas from Jira Product Discovery to Epics, Projects, or Boards in Jira Software and Jira Work Management, creating a roadmap that shares all of the context behind the idea for the teams building it.

jira product discovery screenshot
Jira Product Discovery is a home for every idea, so there’s constantly a list to revisit.

Jira Work Management and Jira Software: Get it done with the right tool for your team

Speaking of enabling cross-functional teamwork, Jira Work Management is now free for every Jira Software user until March 2024.

Jira Work Management is a project management tool powered by Jira but designed for business teams like marketing, sales, and operations. Over 43,000 Atlassian customers use the integration between Jira Work Management and Jira Software to connect development teams and business teams

By using both Jira Software and Jira Work Management, collaboration is streamlined so that businesses can ship features and market them, while always staying in sync. Visualize progress using cross-project dashboards and reporting or attach disparate tools together through 1st- and 3rd-party integrations. Teams can use one of the approximately 2,500 Cloud apps for Jira Software in the Atlassian Marketplace to connect to every tool needed to build and deliver code.

Product launches are straightforward when every team uses a connected tool stack.

Now, teams like marketing and sales can also take advantage of the power of Jira to manage all of the work that goes into taking great products to market in Jira Work Management. Companies like Breville and Lumen already use Advanced Roadmaps to see a unified view of work across teams.

“Our Finance, Marketing, and Operations teams needed to align with delivery teams, but also wanted to continue their own ways of working, with tools like general task lists or Gantt charts. Jira Work Management and its integration with Jira Software means that our teams stay connected. Advanced Roadmaps gives us a single source of truth where we can plan and track different projects across different teams. This brings our non-IT teams into the fold and creates greater visibility and transparency of everyone’s work.” – Rob Mulvaney, Sr. Manager – Agile Transformation Office, Lumen

jira project management template
Users can log in to their Jira Software account to get started with one of our many project management templates.

Customer-designed Jira templates: Reinvent the wheel or borrow Goodyear’s playbook?

While we don’t have the blueprint for a great tire, we have created blueprints that help teams build a great tire…or system…or software. Jira templates are free for the entire Jira suite, including Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Product Discovery, and Jira Service Management. Every team can quickly start to manage their projects with Atlassian’s cloud products and partner integrations – many of which are built natively into our templates.

Today, we’re unveiling Atlassian customer-designed templates that take industry-leading best practices and turn them into templates, making it easy to swipe their playbooks – for free.

Usertesting screenshot
UserTesting shared a custom workflow for incorporating direct customer feedback and user research with Jira Product Discovery, Jira Software, Confluence, and UserTesting.

In discovery mode? UserTesting’s template solution gives you everything cross-functional teams need to discover, design, and develop fast – which also resulted in UserTesting shipping work 3x faster.

In growth mode? Lumen scaled from 100 to 7,500 people and completed a cloud migration with Jira Software, Jira Align, and Confluence. Their template has multi-cloud, automation, and marketplace add-ons already added.

Don’t panic – pivot, with a Jira for every team

Building software is a team sport. And collaboration across the organization – from discovery to delivery to operations – is critical in building the right thing to delight customers.

With the Jira suite of products, including new products like Jira Product Discovery, free Jira Work Management with every Jira Software license, and the latest updates from Jira Service Management, teams across the entire company can accomplish great work.

Want to learn more about the Jira suite of products and how your team can benefit? Watch the live stream from Atlassian Presents: Unleash on-demand.

New collaboration tools that connect every team to your product team at Atlassian Presents: Unleash