Kanban template

Visualize and progress your project using issues on a powerful board.

Jira Software kanban board


Kanban is a framework that provides visibility to an entire process and is commonly used for agile and DevOps to drive continuous delivery and improvement. The kanban template in Jira Software helps teams easily design, manage and improve their workflow while providing transparency as work moves from to-do to done.

Kanban template

Jira Software
Ideal for

• Software development teams
• Agile teams

Project types

• Team-managed
• Company-managed

Issue types
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Workflow statuses


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How to get started with the kanban template

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1. Choose your project type

Before you jump into your project, you will be prompted to choose a project type: team-managed or company-managed. Team-managed templates are setup and maintained by the individual team, and are ideal for autonomous teams who wish to control their own working processes, practices, and project settings in a self-contained way. Company-managed projects are designed for teams who want to collaborate and work with other teams across many projects in a standardized way.

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2. Organize and prioritize the Kanban board

The kanban board is a visual representation of all your team's work. Each column on the board represents the phases or steps work items pass through from to-do to completion. Having transparency into your workflow and effectively establishing work in progress (WIP) limits will help your team quickly spot and clear bottlenecks.

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3. Continuously improve with agile reports

One of the key tenets of kanban is optimizing flow for continuous delivery. Agile reports offer critical insights to better predict future performance. The kanban template comes with a cumulative flow diagram, control charts, and a multitude of other reports that analyze issues, help with forecasting, and much more. Create a single snapshot of all your critical data points and reports with customizable dashboards.

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