Create, organize, and discuss work with your team

Get to done together, faster

Spend less time hunting things down and more time making things happen. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.


Create anything your team needs - meeting notes, product requirements, knowledge base articles - on the web so everyone can contribute.


Give feedback on any Confluence page or file with inline and pinned comments. No more ridiculous file_names_with_dates.doc or messy track changes.

Where work becomes teamwork

Confluence is where you create, organize and discuss work with your team.

Turn ideas into products

Discuss ideas, define requirements, report on projects, run retrospectives, publish docs, and so much more.

Add clarity to JIRA

Give everyone transparency between the issues tracked in JIRA and related content in Confluence – requirements documents, project reports, roadmaps, and more.

Customize and extend

Choose from hundreds of add-ons on the Atlassian Marketplace to extend Confluence to fit your needs. From custom themes and diagramming tools, to workflow management the possibilities are endless.

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Why Confluence?

  • Centralize
  • Organize
  • Create
  • Discuss
  • Search
  • Get answers
  • JIRA Integration

Work in one place

Capture the knowledge that's too often lost in email inboxes and shared network drives in Confluence instead – where it's easy to find, use, and update.

Give every team or project a space to get work done in Confluence

Organize your information

Give every team, project, or department its own space with its own permissions and theme. Keep information organized and accessible with a flexible page hierarchy.

Get work done

Create anything with a rich content editor in your web browser. Whether it's meeting notes, product requirements, file lists, or project plans, you can get it done in Confluence.

Start discussions and capture your company's collective knowledge in Confluence

Pinpoint feedback on pages and files

Target feedback on any Confluence page or file – project plans, Office files, images, anything – with inline comments. Feedback is in context and in one place, so you don't waste time connecting feedback in email with your work done elsewhere.

Find the work you need with search in Confluence

Find what you need

Get the information you need – meeting notes, files, requirements, policies, people – and get on with your day. When everything is in one place, you stop looking and start finding.

Ask once, educate forever with Confluence Questions

Look, search, ask

Add Confluence Questions to capture, learn from, and retain the collective knowledge of your organization as it grows. Ask questions, get answers, and identify experts.

Add clarity to JIRA

Give everyone transparency between the issues tracked in JIRA and related content in Confluence — product requirements, project reports, roadmaps, and more.

Team collaboration

  • Meeting Notes
  • Discuss Files
  • Make Decisions
  • Share Links
  • Assign Tasks
  • Share Calendars

Make meetings count

Distribute a clear agenda before, take notes during, and assign tasks afterward. With all your notes and action items in one place, you can give email a break.

Share, view, and discuss files in one place

View entire files - PDFs, Office documents, images, etc - with rich previews. Leave targeted feedback with pins anywhere on a file. Files and their feedback are automatically connected in one place so you're not searching through emails and network drives trying to get the whole story.

Decide faster, record forever

Record your decisions in Confluence where they're easy to discuss, find, and reference later. Save your team from endless loops of long meetings and frustrating email threads.

Share and build knowledge

Share anything you find on the web – articles, tweets, videos, market news – and discuss it with your team. Keep a single record of your shared links so nothing ever gets lost.

Stay on task

Assign tasks to teammates to keep work moving forward. Perfect for meeting action items, release checklists, and project plans.

Schedule people, projects, and events

Personal calendars don't cut it for teams. Manage team leave, track JIRA projects, and plan events with Confluence Team Calendars.

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Agile development

  • Requirements
  • Create JIRA Issues
  • Link to JIRA
  • Publish Reports
  • Track Releases
  • Retrospectives

Define product requirements

Great products require equally great planning. Document, discuss, and track product requirements so your developers can hit the ground running.

From requirements to backlog

Take your user stories in Confluence and put them in your backlog in JIRA without leaving Confluence. No more copy and pasting – it just works.

Confluence links JIRA issues to related Confluence pages

Maintain traceability, everwhere

Confluence automatically links your requirements and retrospectives to your issues, epics, and sprints in JIRA. Get all the context you need, no matter where you work.

Communicate progress

Communicate the status of and changes between releases to the rest of the business in Confluence. Keeping key stakeholders informed of the work your development team is doing in JIRA has never been this easy.

Add Team Calendars

Surface everything your development team is working on in JIRA – issues, sprints, versions – to everyone else that lives in Confluence with Team Calendars. Avoid surprises by viewing team leave alongside your planned work.

Reflect and improve

Kick off retrospectives in Confluence as soon as you complete your sprints in JIRA Agile. Invite your team to reflect and improve – the agile way.

Knowledge base

  • Simple Set up
  • Create Knowledge Articles
  • Instant structure
  • Connect to Service Desk

Set up in seconds

Set up your fully functional knowledge base space in a few clicks. We did the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Confluence Knowledge Base Knowledge Articles

Bundled best practices

Quickly document solutions to known issues with the bundled how-to and troubleshooting article Blueprints. Easy to create, easy to find, easy to reference.

Confluence Knowledge Base Instant Structure

Structured and searchable

Keep your knowledge base organized with Confluence's flexible page hierarchy. Help users find what they need by categorizing articles with labels.

Confluence Connect Knowledge Base to JIRA Service Desk

Connect to JIRA Service Desk

Turn your Service Desk into a self-service desk. Confluence helps deflect requests by recommending relevant how-to and troubleshooting articles, helping users help themselves.


  • Atlassian Marketplace
  • Popular Add-ons
  • Build Your Own
Team Collaboration Marketplace Add-ons

Choose from hundreds of add-ons

Extend Confluence to fit your needs with custom themes, diagramming tools, workflow management solutions, and hundreds of other add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace. The possibilities are endless.

  • Brikit Theme Press

    Transforms Confluence to make it easy for anyone to share information and ideas.

    Learn more»
  • SharePoint Connector

    Unite SharePoint and Confluence – federated search and bi-directional content embedding.

    Learn more»
  • Ad hoc workflows

    Create and assign tasks, and generate custom approval workflows.

    Learn more»
  • Ink File Picker

    Attach, embed and link to files in the cloud – Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Alfresco, and more – in Confluence.

    Learn more»
  • Balsamiq

    Build UI mockups in seconds and share them with your team for anyone to edit.

    Learn more»
  • Gliffy

    Collaboratively create flow charts, wireframes, UML diagrams, and more.

    Learn more»

Customer favorites

With so many great developers extending the power of Confluence every day, it's hard to pick favorites, but here are a few of the most popular.

Build Atlassian Marketplace Add-ons

Do it yourself

The Atlassian Developer Network gives you the resources to build your own add-ons and have them listed on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Get the tools to start developing your Confluence add-on today.


Learn how HubSpot fuels company collaboration with Confluence

Get a peek into HubSpot's famously collaborative culture and learn how ideas are nurtured from start to finish using Confluence.

Try Confluence for 30 days

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Capture all the information that's scattered among email inboxes and countless apps in the same place.


Give every team, project, or department its own space to store work. Confluence keeps everything organized and accessible.

Confluence + JIRA Software = Better Products

Connect with JIRA Software and give everyone transparency between the issues tracked in JIRA and related content in Confluence — product requirements, project reports, roadmaps, and more.

Best practices, out of the box

We've laid the foundation for your basic needs with these templates to get you started. Skip straight to the important part, getting work done.

Meeting notes

Have more productive meetings with a clear agenda and tasks for follow-up action items.

File lists

Organize and share the files you need for your projects in one spot.

How-to articles

Help your IT team document solutions and provide step-by-step support.

Product requirements

Create dynamic requirements docs that link to JIRA so everyone has full details.

Enhance Confluence with add-ons

Extend Confluence to fit your needs with custom themes, diagramming tools, workflow management solutions, and hundreds of other add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace.

“Confluence ensures we are as open, transparent, and collaborative as possible.”

Rebecca O'dette, Director of Operations

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