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Software to plan, collaborate, code, and service. Built for teams.


One place for your team to share, find, collaborate, and get more work done.


Issue tracking and code integration to plan, collaborate, and ship great products.


Share ideas and files in persistent group, video, and 1-on-1 chats.

Dev Tools

Host, review, test, and deploy your team's Git and Mercurial code.

JIRA Service Desk

Serve customers with powerful SLAs, custom queues, and real-time reporting.

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How HubSpot fuels company collaboration with HipChat and Confluence

Get a sneak peek into HubSpot's famously collaborative culture, and learn how ideas are nurtured from start to finish using Confluence and HipChat.

Confluence Questions

Ask, share, learn

Ask questions, get answers, and learn from the collective knowledge of your organization.

Atlassian Summit
Highlights From Summit

We just wrapped up our biggest Summit ever!  See all the highlights, keynotes, and sessions from this year.

Atlassian Enterprise

Your teams can't afford downtime. Our new enterprise offerings help you get the most out of your Atlassian applications.