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How Atlassian helps enterprise teams

When you have dozens of teams all working with different schedules, cycles, launches, and architectures it's very easy for leadership, and the larger organization to get out of sync.

Individual contributor

Individual contributors

In our book, user experience comes first. Individuals love our software because it's customizable, easy to use, and helps them connect with their teams.


Team leaders

All of our software is highly adaptable. Custom workflows, spaces, and templates can fit every team so your team can work the way it loves to.

Executive balance


When your organization is using Atlassian, it's easy to see what's going on and maintain traceability through all teams.

server cluster

Support 10 or 100,000 users

The Data Center deployment option is designed for running business critical Atlassian applications in your own data center.

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For quick deployments, our cloud is at your disposal.



Deploy our software on your own server for extreme customization and on-site security.

Data center

Data Center

Architected for multi-node clustered deployment in mission critical applications at scale with the customization and security of server.

Enterprise services & support

We ensure your success every step of the way


Premier Support

Get direct access 24/7 to our most senior support engineers.

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Technical Account Management

Work with a trusted advisor to maximize the value from your Atlassian tools.

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Building blocks

Atlassian Partners

Engage with Atlassian Partners who specialize in enterprise deployments.

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