Atlassian Cloud

Accelerate and scale the full potential of every team’s work with Atlassian enterprise cloud solutions

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Scale with confidence

Stay one step ahead of your organization’s ever evolving needs. Build, run, support your business on the Atlassian cloud, to deliver on your customer commitments worry-free with reliable product performance and tailored support offerings — for all types of businesses around the globe.

Grow smart with complete visibility and control

Get the ultimate depth of Atlassian at your fingertips. With Atlassian cloud enterprise solutions, you are empowered to proactively uncover complex security issues, manage access, and make better business decisions with organization-wide visibility and controls.

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Secure and protect your business, without compromise

Balance your org's need for customization and extensibility with the confidence of comprehensive admin controls, advanced security settings, data management, and complete compliance.

Your Enterprise Cloud Solution

Pair Atlassian Access and our cloud premium plans for enterprise-grade scale, security, and control. 

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Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access gives you peace of mind with enhanced security and control over your Atlassian cloud products regardless of site or product. Enforce security policies for an unlimited number of Atlassian cloud products and automate user management, so you can free up time for higher value work, scale your deployments confidently, and minimize friction for your users. 

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Enforced two-step verification

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Audit logs

Atlassian Premium

Atlassian's premium plan ensures that you can confidently scale Jira Software and Confluence with a financially-backed uptime SLA, unlimited storage, and Premium Support, in addition to key product-specific capabilities to support more visibility and control.

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Unlimited storage

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24/7 Premium Support

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99.9% uptime SLA

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We've got you covered

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Hassle-free Deployment and Upgrades

We take care of the servers, storage, and maintenance, so you have lower overhead costs and time to innovate and focus on your core business.

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Our cloud infrastructure is built on best-in-class core technologies, like AWS, to maintain reliability and scale with your organization's growing  performance needs.

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Data Encryption

We're committed to ensuring the security of your data by employing numerous security controls including encryption in transit and at rest for many of our cloud services.

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Don't just take us at our word – we certify with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, and more so you can verify that your company and customer data are secure.

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We've invested heavily in GDPR and Privacy Shield to ensure we are handling your data with the upmost care and supporting your organization in meeting data privacy obligations.

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Extend and customize

Tailor Atlassian cloud products to your enterprise’s unique needs by connecting your cloud products with hundreds of apps in our Marketplace.

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See how Capgemini uses Atlassian cloud products to connect their global product team and speed up software development.


Atlassian Access

Streamline identity and authentication processes for your IT team, boost security, and provide a seamless sign-on experience for end users. Get all the benefits of deploying Atlassian in the cloud and check the boxes for your security and compliance teams.


Atlassian SOC2 Compliance

We’re excited to announce that we are now SOC2, Type II compliant for Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket Cloud.

Now available

Atlassian Cloud in Europe

Atlassian has extended its cloud hosting infrastructure to Europe to improve performance for our European customers and give them assurances that their data is managed in Europe.