Cloud hosting infrastructure

Atlassian's cloud hosting infrastructure is designed to meet the product performance and reliability standards that our global customers need. 

Building in the cloud
Reliable foundation

Reliable foundation

Implemented with the industry leader AWS, Atlassian's cloud infrastructure was designed for optimal performance with redundancy and failover options around the world.

Elastic scale

Elastic Scale

With AWS, Atlassian has the ability to quickly respond to increases in customer data and user load. This allows us to provide consistent and predictable performance that scales with your business.

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Hassle-free upgrades

Cloud customers never have to worry about software or hardware updates. Atlassian does the work for you and ensures that your cloud products are always up-to-date. 

Now available

Cloud expands to Europe

Atlassian has extended its cloud hosting infrastructure to Ireland. European customers of Jira or Confluence Cloud will benefit from improved performance and other advantages of local data storage.

Better performance

Better Performance

European Jira and Confluence cloud customers will experience improved product performance and reduced latency. That means, viewing issues in Jira and checking out pages in Confluence will be even faster. 


We know that privacy is important to you. That's why Atlassian is committed to ensuring that our customers receive a high level of privacy protections for their personal data. 

Privacy wall
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Europe is just the beginning

Atlassian will continue to add cloud hosting regions, not only in Europe but around the world in order to further strengthen performance and provide local failover options.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the location of where my JIRA or Confluence cloud instance data resides?

Atlassian will optimize where customer data is located based on how it is accessed around the world. As an example, if the majority of the users access Jira or Confluence cloud instances from Europe, then their data will be migrated to Europe. 

Why did Atlassian start in Ireland?

Atlassian wants all customers to experience improved performance no matter where they are located. When choosing Ireland, we took into consideration the technical maturity of our provider, AWS, in addition to the regional networking performance and legal requirements. Ireland proved to be the best option based on these criteria and also satisfied the needs of our European customers.

Where does Atlassian store data?

Today, Atlassian will maintain data centers and host data in the US and Ireland. By hosting data in Ireland, we are hoping to provide our customers in Europe with secure, fast and reliable services.

Is Atlassian compliant with EU privacy requirements?

As a provider of global services, we run our services with common operational practices and features across multiple countries. Our policy is to comply with laws related the use of personal data and ensure we meet the applicable standards set out in such laws. This is also why submitted our application to participate in the Privacy Shield program and adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and standards.

Why is Atlassian signing up for Privacy Shield?

The Privacy Shield Program is a framework agreed to by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission to ensure adequate privacy protections for European Union (EU) customers/user when their personal data is moved outside Europe.

We know that privacy is important to our customers, which is why we decided to participate in Privacy Shield. We also know there's a lot of controversy around Privacy Shield and that many feel that it does not go far enough to protect privacy or meet EU privacy expectations, but it was a way for us to demonstrate our commitment to privacy and help us work toward a set of global privacy standards and requirements.

Want to know more about security on the Atlassian cloud infrastructure?

Check out our cloud security page.

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