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Capture and prioritize ideas and align everyone with roadmaps – all in Jira.

Product strategy

  • Gather ideas and insights in one place
  • Build custom views to refine your thinking
  • Integrate data from third-party sources and other Atlassian products
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Table of five ideas ordered by an impact score out of 100 with columns for the goal it contributes to, votes, insights and an impact rating out of 5.

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Discover your next great product idea

Better product decisions are made when they’re made as a team.

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Bring structure to chaos


Bring the best ideas to life by gathering data and insights that help your team prioritize what will make the most impact.

Get everyone on the same page


Spend less time updating and persuading using custom views and roadmaps that give your stakeholders the what, the when, and the why. Easily share read-only views with external stakeholders.

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Bridge the gap - in Jira


Bring business and tech teams together by connecting product ideas here to the delivery work happening in Jira Software.

How it works

Capture ideas and insights

Product teams - you now have a dedicated home for your work. Gather and organize your product opportunities, user feedback, and feature requests all in one place.

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Jira Product Discovery is helping us do the right things, in the right order, and at the right time, focusing on work that will deliver on benefits


PMO Lead, RenaissanceRe

Improve discoverability of configuration options

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Connect your entire workflow with Jira

Jira brings it all together with dedicated tools for every team.

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Ask questions, give product feedback, and connect with our team and other users to learn best practices.

Build better with Jira Product Discovery

No more guesswork. No more reactive roadmaps. Only engaged teams building great products, with confidence.