Getting started with Jira Product Discovery

Welcome to Jira Product Discovery! Whether you're in the process of evaluating if Jira Product Discovery is a good fit for your team or you're ready to dive in, consider this guide your 101 manual with everything you need to start your journey.

What is Jira Product Discovery?

Jira Product Discovery is a prioritization and roadmapping tool built for product teams. The goal of Jira Product Discovery is to help you:

  • Gather and organize ideas and insights in one place, and confidently prioritize the right things to build
  • Keep everyone aligned on the “what” and “why” with custom, shareable roadmaps
  • Bridge the gap between business and tech teams by connecting discovery and delivery in Jira

To see Jira Product Discovery in action, sign up for a demo with live chat Q&A with our expert team or watch on-demand.

You can also visit the Atlassian Community for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Who uses Jira Product Discovery?

Jira Product Discovery was primarily built for product managers, product operations, and program managers.

While product managers and product operations typically drive prioritization and roadmapping, they collaborate extensively with an extended team of engineering, design, sales, support, and marketing to collect insights and shape the product roadmap in Jira Product Discovery.

As a general rule of thumb, Jira Product Discovery is a fit for any team engaged in ongoing discovery, where they consistently collect feedback and data to inform their roadmap.