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Transform your business with Atlassian’s expansive ecosystem of trusted Partners who have a proven record of delivering successful customer outcomes. Seeking consulting services, training, or customizations for your Atlassian products? Our partners have you covered.

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Collaborating with Atlassian and our Partners goes beyond addressing current business needs. It's about seizing new growth opportunities, gaining a competitive edge, and maximizing returns. Select a partnership committed to your success and see your business thrive.

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Solution Partners
provide advanced Atlassian product knowledge, product configuration expertise, and customized solutions and  implementation services.

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Marketplace Partners
provide apps and integrations available for purchase on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.

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Global Alliance Partners
have deep vertical market experience and business transformation expertise, offering you integration services and/or complementary solutions.

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Platform Partners
make it easier for you to work across your most mission-critical tools with best-of-breed tools and services that integrate with Atlassian products.

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Learn how our customers are powering innovation faster and easier with Atlassian Partners

In partnership with beecom

Less administration, more innovation: Homegate AG moves forward faster with Atlassian cloud.

The Telegraph
In partnership with Valiantys

Better customer support and faster resolution times help The Telegraph reach 25M users a month.

EQ Bank
In partnership with Blended Perspectives

Using a combination of Atlassian cloud products, EQ Bank has doubled its monthly production releases and is achieving 500 percent more builds per day.

Partner events

Join Atlassian Solution Partners in your region to explore new services, products, case studies, and demos that help your team do their best work.

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Atlassian Partner of the Year Awards

Each year at Team, we recognize an elite set of Solution and Marketplace Partners delivering exceptional services and innovative solutions.


Atlassian Solution Partner Program

Teaming with Atlassian offers partners a significant advantage by enabling differentiation, fostering lasting customer relationships, and boosting business performance. The Atlassian Solution Partner Program rewards partners for their competency, capacity, and proven success with customers, offering a massive opportunity given Atlassian's global customer base of over 300,000 and its markets' double-digit growth.

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