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JIRA is the tracker for teams planning and building great products. Thousands of teams choose JIRA to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. At your desk or on the go with the new mobile interface, JIRA helps your team get the job done.

Outgrown your bug tracker? It's time to GO JIRA

As your dev team grows, so should your bug tracker. With our simple importer, it's easier than ever to get your issues into JIRA and watch your team destroy bugs with the fury of a thousand mutant dinosaurs.

Deliver value on time: Agile planning for JIRA

Over 6,300 JIRA customers have gone agile with JIRA Agile. Make your agile adoption successful with presets for scrum and kanban, and turbocharge JIRA to improve visibility across teams and projects. 

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  • Issues
  • Process
  • Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Visibility
  • Portfolio

Issues are everywhere

Tasks, ideas, and requests are hiding in documents, people's heads, and deep in your inbox. Use JIRA to capture and organize your team's issues, prioritize and take action on what's important, and stay up to date with what's going on around you.

JIRA makes all of this easy, so your team can spend less time managing the work and more time building great software.  

Work the way you want

Your process is at the heart of everything you do. Don't shoehorn your team's work into the default workflow defined by your project tracker.

JIRA has workflows to match your existing processes, that you can easily adapt as your team evolves. Use the tool that fits your team, don't change your team to fit your tool.

Productive, powerful planning

Teams that need to be effective and efficient choose JIRA to help them capture, assign, and prioritize their work.   

Ensure that everyone on your team knows exactly what needs to be done when, then watch the job get done flawlessly. And when you add the power of agile to JIRA – with the JIRA Agile add-on – you can even plan agile sprints! And with Agile Ready, better plan sprints and releases while easily sharing development progress with stakeholders.

Collaborate easily

On any team, it's important that people can easily share information and reach out for help when they need it. JIRA's simple, intuitive interface allows you to collaborate with teammates and get the job done more efficiently.

If you think that's awesome, you'll love it even more when you combine JIRA's @mentions and assignment features with the power of Confluence and HipChat.

Visibility at the speed of light

With JIRA, there's no shortage of ways to stay in the loop. Whether you prefer to receive updates via email, chat, or by checking in on your mobile device, JIRA has you covered.

Watch the issues that are most important to you, monitor activity streams, and share information with powerful dashboards, wallboards, and more. With JIRA, you'll always know what's going on.

Connect strategy to development reality

With automatic scheduling, flexible planning, and a single roll-up of your organization’s work, JIRA Portfolio is the easiest way to manage initiatives across multiple teams and projects.

As agile methodology becomes standard development practice for many teams, challenges can occur when this process is scaled across the business. JIRA Portfolio is the one tool your team needs to ensure cross-project initiatives are always aligned and on schedule.

Project Tracking

  • Service Desk
  • Workflow
  • Agile
  • Mobile
  • Concept to launch
JIRA Service Desk

Collect, service, and report

With JIRA Service Desk, the JIRA platform becomes a modern, flexible service desk experience that streamlines customer requests and boosts your IT team's efficiency.

JIRA Service Desk delivers an intuitive interface, a revolutionary new take on SLAs, customizable team queues, real-time reporting, and more. Improve the productivity of your service desk teams and the happiness of your users!

Workflows for
teams of every size

Whether you're a 10-person startup or a 100,000-person enterprise, your workflow is one of the most crucial ingredients to your success.

Only JIRA lets you take advantage of the best practices of leading software teams by importing a JIRA workflow from the Atlassian Marketplace. And you can always tweak your workflow to match the way your team works.

Agile project management

These days, just keeping track of your work isn't enough – you've got to be agile. JIRA Agile adds agile project management to the power of JIRA.

Using cards on a team or project board, scrum teams can plan their sprints and kanban teams can manage the flow of their work. Whether you're a seasoned agile pro or just getting started, JIRA and JIRA Agile make it easy.

Effortlessly mobile

Your team is always on the go. With JIRA's new mobile interface, they’ll quickly find the most critical information and the most important activities right at their fingertips. 

JIRA's mobile interface works right in your phone's web browser via HTML5 – no separate download or installation is required. Now everyone can stay connected to the team and the work, wherever they are.

JIRA Service Desk

Let us help you with that

Software makes the world go 'round. It's everywhere. And JIRA sits at the heart of Atlassian's offerings for managing the entire application development process. We've got you covered from concept to launch.

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Deep Integrations

  • Development Workflow
  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Build & Release
  • Real-time communication

Flow through your software development

Upgrade your software development workflow with JIRA, Stash, and Bamboo. Our tools integrate better than ever to provide you with baked-in best practices to get from issue to code to deployment seamlessly.

No longer will you fret over naming branches, creating pull requests, and running builds. Free your focus from the non-development tasks and get back to your code.

JIRA + Git = Code at the speed of light

JIRA and Stash have come together to boost the speed of your behind-the-firewall Git workflows. We make it easy for your team to create, name, and merge your branches, so that you can rock your software development workflow and ship higher quality code, faster.

Deep integrations between JIRA and Bitbucket get you from issue to code to merge in seconds, allowing you to spend time on what matters: your code. Bitbucket and JIRA provide you with an unparalleled development workflow for your hosted Git or Mecurial repositories.

GitHub user? Connect to JIRA with the free DVCS Connector plugin.

Perforce, or CVS

Connect your source code repository to JIRA and link every commit with a bug or development task.

Use FishEye for enhanced SCM integration – with Subversion, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce – including detailed commit graphs and statistics, recent code activity, and simple source code browsing. Also, review code, discuss changes, share knowledge, and identify defects with Crucible's flexible review workflow.


JIRA Service Desk

Ship with confidence and sanity

JIRA's Release Hub mitigates launch risks, eliminates time-consuming status meetings, and provides the entire team with accurate, up-to-date information as you work towards your next software release.

By linking to your continuous integration server – like Bamboo or Jenkins – and other developer tools, Release Hub provides a single dashboard with real-time visibility into the health and progress of upcoming releases. It even proactively flags specific items that need to be addressed by the team prior to shipping.

JIRA Service Desk

Real-time communication for agile teams

Great teams rely on real-time communication to deliver world-class work. Together, JIRA and HipChat make real-time communication and collaboration more powerful than ever.

JIRA and HipChat are more tightly integrated so that teams can communicate in real-time and receive accurate, up-to-date information on key projects. Teams can instantly generate project-specific chat rooms and choose which JIRA notifications are broadcast into each room, meaning the information teams want, delivered when and where they need it.

Get Started Fast

  • Scrum & Kanban
  • Projects
  • Workflows
  • Importing
JIRA Service Desk

Scrum or kanban
in seconds

If you have JIRA Agile, the agile project management tool for JIRA, you'll get scrum or kanban boards instantly when you create a new project.

Now your JIRA administrator can be agile, too!

JIRA Service Desk

Creating projects
is a breeze

We've made getting started simple. Creating a new project in JIRA is as easy as selecting from a list. You'll be ready to work in just a few clicks!

Capitalize on the collective insight and experience of the 30,000 companies that use JIRA to manage their work. You'll have the perfect project set up in seconds.

JIRA Service Desk

Find your perfect workflow

Tens of thousands of teams pick JIRA for the awesome power of the workflow, and although they're highly customizable, you don't need to create your workflow from scratch. Choose a workflow that's right for you from the Atlassian Marketplace.


JIRA Service Desk

Import from your legacy tracker

Outgrown your old bug tracker? JIRA imports issues and projects from virtually any bug tracker including Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, Fogbugz, Pivotal Tracker, and more.




  • Atlassian Marketplace
  • Featured add-ons
  • Build your own
JIRA Service Desk

Atlassian Marketplace

More than a thousand add-ons extend JIRA, Confluence, and our Dev Tools.  You can find all of them on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Atlassian Marketplace has everything you need to decide if an add-on is right for you: compatibility, versions, pricing, and reviews. Find tools to automate your day, and get an evaluation running in minutes.

  • Gantt-Chart for JIRA

    Track JIRA issues and their dependencies and manage resource planning with Gantt charts.

    Learn More»
  • Email This Issue

    Automatically email JIRA issues to anyone - even if they're not in your organization.

    Learn More»
  • Zephyr

    Zephyr is a real-time test management platform that makes it easy to manage, track and share JIRA issues.

    Learn More»
  • Tempo

    JIRA & Tempo Timesheets provide a painless way to connect your organization's activities.

    Learn More»
  • nFeed

    Connect databases, remote files, and web services to JIRA and display data in custom fields on JIRA issues.

    Learn More»
  • EazyBI

    A business intelligence tool built on JIRA with support for drag and drop creation of customer JIRA reports, charts, and gadgets.

    Learn More»

Featured add-ons

You'll find hundreds of add-ons for JIRA in the Atlassian Marketplace!  Everything from time tracking and project management, all the way to test management.  

With so many great developers extending the power of JIRA every single day, it's hard to pick favorites.  But these featured add-ons are a few of the most popular options for teams looking to maximize their JIRA experience.

JIRA Service Desk

Sell your add-ons on our Marketplace

Atlassian Developers gives you the resources to build your own add-ons and have them listed on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Ensure forward compatibility with all JIRA 5.x releases using our Stable Java APIs. Build and manage fully remote add-ons using our improved REST APIs. Get the tools to start developing your JIRA add-on today.


How online gaming company KIXEYE builds kick-ass games with JIRA

Join us for an inside look at how JIRA's speed and ease of use enable the KIXEYE team to spend less time managing issues and more time getting back to their job: building games.

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