The Atlassian Team Playbook: team building activities that actually work.

The Atlassian Team Playbook

Our no-bullshit guide to unleashing your team's potential

Here's a dirty little secret: working as a team is really hard, and tools alone won't fix that. Books wax poetic about Silicon Valley dream-teams, but they don't tell you how to start improving your team. That's why we developed a playbook that changed the way our teams work. Now it's yours to try, too.

This ain't your CEO's ivory-tower management book. And it's not the generic "team building" activities we all know and loathe. The Team Playbook is by teams, for teams. You'll find step-by-step guides for tracking your team's health, and plays that build your Get $#!τ Done™ muscle. Start with a Health Monitor workshop to get a reading on your vital signs, or just dive straight into the plays.

Different teams, different needs

Team Health Monitors

Assess your team against eight attributes common amongst healthy, high-performing teams, and monitor your progress over time. 

Get healthy
Forget the generic trust falls and ropes courses. Choosing the right team building activities depends on your team's needs.


Build your team's collaboration muscle to address weak spots and pain points. Plays aren't extra work, just new ways of working. 

Run a play

“Show me where it hurts.”

Sometimes the source of your misery is obvious. Tell us what ails your team, and we'll suggest a few remedies. Click on a pain point below to get started.

More to come...

Healthy teams embrace continuous improvement, and so does the Atlassian Team Playbook.
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