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Being on a dysfunctional team sucks. Especially if we don't know why we're in pain. That's where the Health Monitor comes in. It's your team's chance to listen to each other and take an honest look in the mirror. You'll assess yourselves against eight attributes common amongst healthy teams, and walk away with a plan to address your weak spots.

Anybody can run a Health Monitor workshop, so don't wait around for some directive from on high. YOU are the change you've been waiting for. 

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A healthy leadership team acts as a multiplier for the teams who report to them.

Leadership teams

You are influencers and decision-makers who work on the longer term vision and high-level initiatives. You're not executing the day-to-day work on projects, but leading people who are.

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A healthy project team is more likely to deliver awesome work.

Project teams

Your mission is to deliver awesome outcomes for your customers – like shipping a new product feature, delivering a tactical project for "the business", or launching something new.

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A healthy service team is all about high volume, and high-quality response.

Service teams

Whether you're technical or non-technical, you're all about high volume and quality response. Your work is queue-based, and you likely have daily or weekly quotas.

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