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Brainstorm. Prioritize. Collaborate. Deliver. Easily align work to your goals and keep all the moving parts moving forward.


More power for your marketing team

Discover tools to streamline and align your campaigns from idea to implementation to iteration.

Graphic of Talent Acquisition products: Confluence and Jira Work Management with Onboarding products: Trello and Jira Work Management
Graphic of Talent Acquisition products: Confluence and Jira Work Management with Onboarding products: Trello and Jira Work Management
Talent acquisition circle with Confluence and Jira Work Management

GTM Strategy

Confluence Trello

Nail your customer targeting

Your customers are complicated. They’re more than the sum of their demographics. Use Confluence to create more complete personas that let everyone on your team deeply understand the target audience.

persona confluence template

Set yourself apart

From company vision to customer value, define your goals and the strategy that lets you stand out in the market. Use Confluence to get everyone aligned with work that delivers on your objectives. 

Vision to values confluence template

Think differently – together

Innovation isn’t easy – unless you shake up brainstorming sessions to dig out the best ideas from your team. Trello helps you master disruptive and distributed sessions and work together to find your next big idea.

Distributed Team Brainstorming confluence template


Confluence Trello

Plan for success

Launch a killer campaign by pulling together toward a single strategy. Make the path ahead crystal clear for everyone by using a Confluence marketing plan to focus your team to meet your goals.

Marketing plan confluence template

Keep content flowing

Take content from imagination to publication. Build your editorial calendar as a Trello board for a centralized place to flesh out ideas, hold contributors accountable, and move content smoothly through the pipeline.

Editorial calendar confluence template


Jira Atlas Jira Service Management

Move from draft to delivery

Track tasks from idea to execution with a Jira structured workflow that helps you stay on top of progress. Now, your teams can deliver content and campaigns on time, again and again. 

Jira Work Management board

Simplify team updates

Who wants to sit in a status meeting? No one! Take back the time but stay on top of progress, issues, and priorities with an Atlas weekly digest that keeps everyone informed in a flash. 

Report updates

Capture, track, and manage requests

A new graphic here, a media buy there. Whatever marketing requests come your way, manage them all with Jira Service Management. A central portal for marketing asks so your team never misses a beat.

Marketing service desk


Confluence Trello

Get post-launch perspective

When the confetti settles after your launch, it’s time to analyze and optimize. Use Confluence to gather all of your analytics in one place and feed them into your next round of strategic planning. Your ROI will thank you.

Goals, signals, measures confluence template

Look back to move forward

Gather input about what went right and what…didn’t. Trello lets you surface constructive criticism and kudos so your team can execute better next time.

Sprint retrospective board

Bring sanity to onboarding

Employee relationships start even before they're hired. Jira Core enables HR teams to manage a candidate pipeline and move people from 'resume received' to 'employed' with ease.

Publish your policies

Easily create, publish and organize information that employees need like benefits, CEO updates, and the corporate policy on bringing dogs to work (unless you're more of a cat company). No coding skills required.

"We are using Confluence and JIRA to build an agile Marketing team" —Ilya Chorny

illumina logo
Halp screenshot

Manage, track and automate requests

Receiving a flurry of request in Slack or MS Teams with no real way to capture or report on your work load? By adding Halp to your conversational work platform you capture requests where they start, track their progress, and report on work management data. Halp is a help desk ticketing system that reduces context flipping, increase productivity, and make for happier employees.

Small meeples on a desk
Small meeples on a desk

Atlassian Marketing Resources

employee headshots

The ultimate guide for marketing teams

Add tools, templates, best practices, and actionable advice to your marketing arsenal. From nailing your messaging to managing stakeholders, we've got you covered.

Floating meeples

Sharpen team performance

Build a culture of positive processes with free workshop guides from the Atlassian Team Playbook. What’s in it for marketers? So much! Start with Empathy mapping, Customer journey mapping, Effective kickoffs, and Elevator pitch – to name a few.

Floating meeples

Newly remote, VMLY&R scaled their team from 2 to 35

See which Atlassian marketing tools VMLY&R uses to maintain a single source of truth for a team that grew more than 17x.

Floating meeples

Going agile for marketing teams

Yep, that’s right. Our marketing team uses Atlassian marketing tools too. Learn how we use Trello, Confluence, and Jira marketing workflows to operate in agile pods.

Make your favorite tools work smarter

Atlassian Marketplace lets you add a layer of orchestration and performance by integrating our products with the tools your team already uses. It’s all your old favorites, only better.

Sharpen your marketing workflows and deliver top campaigns in less time