resilient architecture

Resilience at scale

Prioritize business-critical strategy and innovation by relying on Atlassian to operate resilient infrastructure.

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Robust infrastructure that powers teamwork

Enterprise-grade infrastructure run and operated by Atlassian.

Enterprise-grade architecture

Ensure maximum business resilience with Atlassian Cloud — hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), built and operated in a multi-tenanted microservice architecture.

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Reliability, availability, and recovery

Internal controls and service level agreements (SLAs) ensure your products stay online to keep teams moving work forward.

High-availability and failover

Make sure your team stays online and on track.

Data recoverability

Keep your data safe with quick recovery.

SLA policy

Meet your industry standard and business requirements.

Performance and scale

Effortlessly scale up or down to provide a performant experience that keeps teams, business units, and geographies connected while meeting your organizations evolving needs.


Stay agile as you effortlessly scale up or down.

Shared services

Learn how our infrastructure provides a unified and secure experience.

Flexible scale

Address complex use cases at scale with multiple instances, up to 150 per product

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Discover why organizations choose Atlassian for their mission-critical workflows.

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Get real time status updates for Atlassian products on our dedicated status page.

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Reach out to our sales team for questions about our products and capabilities. You may find answers to many of your questions in our pre-filled security questionnaires.