Shared responsibility

Comprehensive data protection

Protect your organization by partnering with Atlassian to help ensure your data is secure, private, compliant, and available.

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A layered approach to data protection

Empower your teams to do their best work — without compromising your data.

Data security

Our platform and processes follow security best practices for a layered approach to protect your data. We have tools such as the detections program, secure software development, and external penetration testing, paired with a growing set of controls to help you safeguard your data.

Security and risk responses

Download pre-filled vendor security assessment questionnaires.

Data protection whitepaper

Learn how you can partner with Atlassian to protect your most vital assets.

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Security advisories

Stay in the know on current security advisories.

Identity and access management

Limit privileged access and take a zero trust approach to protect your users and data. Apply the same organization-wide IAM principles across Atlassian products using Atlassian Guard to connect an identity provider, enforce SSO and MFA, manage external user security, and more.

Zero trust principles

Take a zero trust approach to reduce the risk of data compromise.

Effective user management

Manage users in Atlassian Cloud with confidence.

Organization-wide IAM

Extend your IAM policies in Atlassian Cloud.

Data privacy

We’re committed to maintaining trust through transparent policies. With multiple layers of protection, you stay in the driver’s seat to manage how and where your data is accessed.

Privacy policy

Learn about how we collect, use, and disclose personal data.

Data processing addendum

Review how we process personal data across our products.

Security Measures

We maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.

Data recovery

Atlassian maintains a standby replica in different availability zones for redundancy and failover capability. You are empowered with data recovery capabilities, such as backup and restore manager, site/product delayed deletion, and site resurrection.

High-availability and failover

Understand how Atlassian manages customer data.

Reliability at scale

Review Atlassian’s Service Level Agreement.


Hosted on AWS to provide additional resiliency and recovery capabilities.

enterprise-level compliance

Our compliance certifications

Stay on top of evolving regulatory expectations worldwide with our growing list of compliance certifications. Our cloud products regularly undergo independent verification of their security, privacy, and compliance controls to ensure they meet global standards.

Customers trust us to protect their data

Have questions? Contact us.

Reach out to our sales team for questions about our products and capabilities. You may find answers to many of your questions in our pre-filled security questionnaires.