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Get product training and certification for Jira, Confluence, Trello, and more

With Atlassian University you can quickly get started with free fundamentals courses, enroll in hands-on training, and find the right path to earn an Atlassian certification. Whether you’re here to build up your skills, train your team, or build a brighter career path, we’re here to help.

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Learn best practices, key concepts, and product features through training courses designed by Atlassian experts. Our course catalog offers hands-on training to help you and your team grow your confidence in the Atlassian tools you use every day.

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Start with free training

Get up and running quickly with free training for Jira, Confluence, TrelloJira Service Management, and more Atlassian tools.

Seek your own path

Find your way with learning paths designed around your goals: learn a specific Atlassian product/role or connect your Atlassian knowledge to frameworks like Agile, DevOps, or ITSM. When you explore paths like Jira Fundamentals, Jira Administrator, or Team Agile, you'll get yourself to the right place, faster.

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Atlassian University offers the resources you need to develop new skills and advance your professional career. In a 2019 survey, 90% of respondents found enhanced career opportunities with their Atlassian certification.

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Show you're a pro

Showcase your knowledge with Atlassian Pro Skills Badges. These credentials are designed to reward you on a path to certification, and to help you maintain your skills thereafter.

Get certified

Earn an Atlassian certification to show your employer and peers your expertise in Atlassian tools. The journey to a certification starts with our training courses and continues with your day-to-day work experience. Preparing for—and passing—a certification exam will benefit your team… and your career.


In a 2021 survey, 73% of Atlassian Certified professionals reported that earning their credential increased their job prospects.

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Train your enterprise

Bring your entire organization up to speed with tools to help distribute training at scale.

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Training credits

Allow your teams the flexibility to get trained when it fits in their planning. Training Credits can be purchased in bulk, at a discount, and can be redeemed over the course of an entire year.

Virtual and onsite team training

Learning as a team builds a shared understanding and improves collaboration. Our Team Training can be delivered wherever you meet, whether that’s in an office or in a videoconference.

Training for Jira app

Learn without leaving Jira. Our Training for Jira marketplace app provides your team with training content directly within Jira itself. With pricing that’s suited for scale, you’ll see immediate value from our app experience.

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