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Atlassian Migration Program

Cloud migration


for all teams

With end of support for our Server products fast approaching, the Atlassian Migration Program helps you jumpstart your move to Cloud.


Migrating to Cloud is a journey


At the start of your journey, we’ll help you assess your requirements, and decide when Cloud is right for you. You’ll also analyze your app landscape, and start assembling your migration team.


In this phase, by using your Cloud migration trial, or if you aren't eligible, by purchasing a new Cloud site, you’ll set up your organization and verify your domain.


Now it’s time to prep your team, environments, and data for the big move. Here we recommend leveraging our Cloud migration toolkit for comms to your team, runbook templates, and more.


Here, you’ll test out your production migration using your Cloud migration trial to make sure everything is in order. You can also refer to our testing guide to walk you through our recommended testing steps.


Migration day is here! In this phase, you’ll resolve any last-minute issues, run your production migration, and move your users and data. Use an Atlassian migration assistant to help ease this process.


Communicate to your stakeholders that the migration is done and share details on the new status quo. Use our Cloud adoption toolkit to get your team set up for success with our robust change management plan.

how cloud can help your team

Hear from Atlassian’s customers on their Cloud migration success stories

Sun Life

When Sun Life embarked on an agile transformation, they knew they needed Cloud. Since making the move, they haven’t looked back.


With Cloud’s improved user experience and the ability to offload maintenance tasks, migrating made life a lot easier for ArisGlobal.


By migrating to Cloud, Sophos has increased developer productivity while better enabling their growing global workforce.

take the first step

Navigate the journey in the way that best helps your team

Migration assessment screenshot

For teams seeking a recommendation

Get a migration recommendation tailored to your overall goals and top questions.

Features grid

For feature-focused teams

Compare Cloud and Data Center side-by-side and deep dive into the features that matter most for your organization.


For teams looking for a walkthrough

Join our demo with live chat Q&A, or watch on-demand, to learn about our migration tools and best practices.


until Server end of support - Feb 15, 2024

server end of support

Migrations can take 9 months or longer (about 275 days) from assess to launch, depending on your team’s size and complexity. We recommend evaluating your team's Cloud readiness now to give yourself enough time to understand the migration process and determine your timeline.

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how cloud can help your team

Hear from Atlassian’s customers on their Cloud migration success stories


Engineering time saved by migrating to Cloud


Infrastructure and admin overhead to other business areas

“The value that our company provides is by making features, making our product more stable, and innovating. Any amount of time that we spend maintaining internal tools is an opportunity cost lost.”

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Of surveyed IT organizations said security is better or equal on Cloud

Source: TechValidate survey of 320 Atlassian customers


Security and compliance on our trusted Cloud platform

“We don’t have to worry about security and vulnerabilities or spend resources on them. The peace of mind is a big deal.”

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Of value realized (to date) by migrating to Atlassian’s Cloud products

Win back

Valuable time for users and admins

“Our on-premise solution had a lot of firewalls and networking to traverse, so whenever we had a new integration, the API would break. With the cloud, we can turn up APIs much quicker and deliver much faster.”

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What’s new in the Migration Program

Explore the latest events, resources, and tools we’ve added to the program

What's new in Cloud

Check out the latest updates on how we’re delivering a world-class Cloud experience.

Migrations at scale webinar

Tips from an Atlassian Cloud Migration Manager for optimizing an enterprise migration to Cloud.

Cloud apps webinar

Learn about the latest security, reliability, and enterprise readiness features for Marketplace Cloud apps.

Frequently asked questions

Can we still stay on our Server products? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Support for Atlassian Server products ends on February 15, 2024. To stay supported, choose to migrate your products to Cloud or Data Center. Learn what this means for your team.

How much does it cost to migrate to Cloud? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

To calculate and compare your costs, use our personalized calculator. To assess the costs of moving the apps and integrations from your Server products, refer to our Cloud migration guide.

How does the Cloud migration trial work? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

The Cloud migration trial is fully functional, so you can use it just as you’d use any Cloud site to explore features and test your migration. Unlike our standard 7-day trials, your Cloud migration trial matches the remaining duration of your Server maintenance or Data Center subscription.

What value does my team get by migrating to Cloud? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

When migrating to our Cloud products, you’ll get enhanced security and reliability, more innovative new features, and simplified administration. Learn more about how Cloud can help bring value to your team.

How do Cloud and Data Center features compare? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

With Cloud, you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest features for our products, whereas with Data Center, feature development will be focused on addressing the most critical needs of organizations unable to move to Cloud. These critical needs are performance and scale, security and compliance, and infrastructure and operation. To find out more, compare Cloud and Data Center.


Find out when migrating to Cloud makes sense for your team