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A demo on cloud migrations

Join our demo with live chat Q&A, or watch on-demand, to deep dive into how to successfully migrate to cloud, including best practices and free resources to use along the way.

To watch an on-demand session, sign up here. You can also visit the Atlassian Community for a recap of the demo Q&A.

If you know a cloud migration is in your future, you’re in the right place. While every migration will be different, there are key steps, strategies, and tools that every organization should understand to ensure a successful move to cloud. We’ll demo how to execute a cloud migration, and give recommendations on the best practices and tools to use along the way. And if you’re running into roadblocks, we’ll have plenty of time for Q&A with our migrations team.

By the end of this demo, you’ll learn

  • Key outcomes at the end of each migration phase
  • How to choose your migration strategy and method
  • How to build your migration runbook
  • How to use the cloud migration assistants to run your migration

Get started in Cloud

Enjoy up to a year free in Cloud to plan, test, and migrate.