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Cloud adoption toolkit

Your toolkit for seamless cloud adoption

Supercharge your migration success

Migrating your users and data is one part of a successful migration - but to truly succeed and realize the benefits of cloud, you need all of your teams to embrace the change. Delve into our guide below to uncover expert strategies for effective user onboarding, empowering your teams to take full advantage of Atlassian cloud.

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Atlassian’s guide to adoption and change management

Optimize your digital transformation and drive seamless adoption of our cloud products.

Ensure lasting adoption with these recommended resources

Explore our curated resources including guides, templates, and training aids crafted to support smooth onboarding, facilitate successful change management, and enhance training and comms plans so users can get running on cloud quickly and easily.

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Setting your users up for success in Atlassian Cloud

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Change management plan template

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Email and announcement banner templates for introducing Atlassian Cloud

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Quick start product guides

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Cloud onboarding and training resource hub

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Optimize your Atlassian tools: Strategies to drive lasting adoption