Ne migrez pas à l'aveugle

Une transformation requiert non seulement les bons outils, mais aussi des personnes compétentes et des pratiques adéquates. Tout au long de votre parcours de migration, exploitez les ressources, l'expertise et l'équipe Atlassian pour vous assurer d'aller dans le bon sens.

Si vous migriez vers le cloud

We’ve created the Atlassian Migration Program to provide you with step-by-step migration resources, free tools, and dedicated support to help you every step of the way.



Access all the knowledge at your fingertips with step-by-step guides, tutorials, and educational content on Atlassian’s cloud and how to navigate your migration.

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Activez votre essai gratuit de migration vers le cloud et migrez vers le cloud à votre rythme. Téléchargez nos apps Cloud Migration Assistant pour accélérer le processus de migration.



Depending on size and complexity, we have the teams in place to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer 1:1 support throughout your journey to cloud.

Migrations designed with the enterprise in mind

For teams migrating 1,000 users or more, contact us to discuss your migration options and additional support.

Migrations designed with enterprise in mind
Find out which path is right for you

Understand your costs

With cloud, the burden of hosting and maintaining your software shifts to Atlassian, which means your total cost will look a little different. Calculate your total cost of ownership in cloud compared to self-hosted.

Besoin de conserver un environnement auto-géré ?

If you need to stay in a self-managed environment, learn more about Data Center and if it's the right option for your organization.