Campaign management template

Drive a marketing campaign from idea to execution.

Campaign management board view Jira Work Management


The campaign management template is perfect for teams wanting to manage their campaign launch from beginning to end. From the planning stage right through to execution, our pre-configured workflow will help you track tasks every step of the way. Use the included timeline, calendar, list, and board views to help you stay ahead of deadlines.

Campaign management template

Jira Work Management
Ideal for

• Marketing teams 
• Design teams

Project types

• Company-managed

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How to get started with the campaign management template

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1. Track your campaign at every step

Organize and manage each task through a pre-configured approval workflow, designed to ensure a smooth transition from start to launch. Further customize this by adding or removing steps based on your team’s needs.

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2. Collaborate with others

Add your teammates to projects and tasks so everyone can see what needs to be done in one centralized space. Coordinate, collaborate, and share ideas by commenting on tasks and including essential details and assets all in one place so nothing gets lost or missed. Use our list view to easily identify blockers or at-risk tasks, and our board view to easily monitor the status of work in progress.

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3. Launch campaigns on time

With our timeline and calendar views, it’s easy to keep all stakeholders aligned every step of the way. Use the board and list views to quickly see an overview of the status of all tasks. As work moves and deadlines change, iron out scheduling conflicts early to unblock your team’s progress.

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