Project management template

Manage activities for completing a business project. 

Project management timeline view on Jira Work Management, Jira software


Project management is the art of making a plan, then executing on it. In the project management template, you can manage your team’s tasks related to any business project. By visualizing all work in progress on the board, you can anticipate avoidable roadblocks and troubleshoot the ones that do arise. 

Project management template

Jira Work Management
Ideal for

• Marketing
• Finance
• Operations
• Sales
• Design
• HR

Project types

• Company-managed

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Jira project management template

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1. Move work forward on the board

Your project management board displays all activity related to an initiative in one place. Use the board to quickly view the status of your issues and prioritize what work needs to happen next. Issues move left to right according to status.

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2. Manage every detail

When you create and assign work to the project team, maintain detailed records of project activities: utilize subtasks to make sure detailed activities get completed, set due dates for issues that are time-dependent, and set a priority so that the assignee knows how urgent it is.

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3. Report, optimize, repeat

The project management template comes with integrated reports to help you stay on top of your backlog, analyze issues, and maximize productivity. Utilize the dashboard to create a custom view of all the filters and reports that are important to you and your team.

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