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Project roadmap template

Align teams and stakeholders with a high-level project roadmap template that outlines major milestones, tasks, and project goals.

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What is a project roadmap template?

Strategic planning tool

The project roadmap template is a strategic planning tool for project management that aligns your work with the overall business strategy. Defining and understanding project management details, such as the project's purpose, scope, and outcome, is critical to success. Connect your project’s deliverables and milestones to the company's goals for the most impact. This template outlines the plan that drives the project toward its intended result.

Project overview

The project management roadmap template provides a high-level overview of your project. It helps team members and stakeholders quickly grasp the context and timeline. The template will contain details like tasks and milestones, timelines and due dates, risks and roadblocks, and required resources. It also describes the roles of team members and stakeholders and provides a list of project deliverables.

What does the project roadmap include?

Project backlog

A project roadmap template delineates the project backlog. This backlog contains an inventory of all pending tasks, features, and work items crucial for the successful completion of the project. It provides a visual roadmap that aids in organizing and prioritizing these elements, offering a strategic overview for effective project management.

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Project timeline

Project roadmap templates enhance team communication by visually presenting the project timeline. This visual roadmap serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders, offering clear insights into individual tasks' start and end dates, along with anticipated key milestones. As a result, team members have a shared understanding regarding the expected workload and the respective responsibilities for timely delivery.

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Kanban board

In addition to serving as a general project roadmap, it is designed as a kanban board template. It incorporates a Kanban board, a fundamental element of agile frameworks, to facilitate the comparison of real-time progress in tasks and milestones against the planned milestones outlined in agile workflows. This roadmap provides a dynamic visualization of ongoing work and fosters adaptability, enabling teams to make informed adjustments based on the continuous evaluation of tasks within the framework of agile principles.

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Within the project roadmap template are integrated reports and dashboards designed to provide stakeholders with actionable insights into various facets of the project. These reporting features offer a comprehensive overview of the project's progress, allowing stakeholders to identify potential bottlenecks and make informed decisions. Additionally, the template includes performance metrics for individual team members, enabling stakeholders to gauge and appreciate the contributions of each team member to the project's success.

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How to get started with the project report template

Define objectives

Start creating a project roadmap by choosing the template from Jira. Next, define your project’s goals and overall scope. 

Answer why the project exists and what objectives you hope to accomplish. This helps you shape the project's overall scope and clarify essential requirements.

Identify key deliverables

Pinpoint project deliverables— the tangible results or outcomes that answer the customer's needs. Consider stakeholder expectations and end-user outcomes to help identify key deliverables at each milestone.

Set a timeline

Establish a realistic timeline that maps out the start and end dates for each task as well as key milestones. This aids in project planning and managing stakeholder expectations.

Allocate resources and tasks

Determine what resources you need to complete the project. Then, allocate project tasks to team members or stakeholders.

Get feedback

Encourage collaboration and input from stakeholders, especially at key milestones. Is the work meeting expectations? How does the work compare to the project baseline? Ask stakeholders to share their feedback.

Review and refine

Work completed using the project roadmap template is iterative. As the project evolves and stakeholders review the work, team members can use continuous improvement to refine the output.

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