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A personal "user manual" is a fun way to share your individual preferences for how you like to collaborate and communicate. It can also be a great tool for getting to know each of your teammates beyond the work stuff.


No matter what team you're on, learning how to work together takes time. We all have different communication and collaboration styles. This play builds our empathy muscles and honors the fact that we each have our own style of working. You'll find that you'll move a lot faster when you can understand how your teammates work best.

This play is great for any team, any time. But especially when...

  • You just started on a new team
  • You're kicking off a new project with a team


Anyone on the team, including individual contributors and team leads. 

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Create a personal "user manual" that helps your teammates understand how best to work with you

1 - 10


5 min


30 - 90 min



Running the play

You can create your user manual as a solo project, but it's more fun if everyone on the team makes one. 


Download the starter deck and make sure everyone in the group has a copy to work with. Or, set up pages using Confluence or Google Docs to build out your user manuals. Select the questions you'd like to ask of yourself and of your teammates – feel free to add a few of your own, too!


Answer the prompts (30 - 60 min)

We've provided 10 prompts in the deck that tease out various facets of who you are and how you prefer to work. Such as:

  • Conditions I like to work in
  • Best ways to communicate with me
  • The ways I like to receive feedback
  • Things I love
  • Favorite saying
For example...

Here's what the "communicating" section of your user manual might look like. 


Read each other's manuals (30 min)

Set up a dedicated time to take turns reading each other's user manuals.

Schedule enough time to accommodate a bit of discussion, too. What are the common themes? Do any teammates have workstyle preferences that clash? If so, how can you resolve or work around this?

Nailed it?

Be sure to run a full Health Monitor session or checkpoint with your team to see if you're improving.

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Use the manuals for five minutes of get-to-know-you at the beginning of a recurring team meeting. Choose just one topic from the user manual, and go over each person's answers. 


Collect the user manuals under a parent page in your team's Confluence space, or in a dedicated network folder. 

When a new person joins the team, include this exercise in their onboarding activities.

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