Insights in Jira overview

What are insights?

In Jira, insights help the team make data-driven decisions without leaving their current context. Insights source data from your Jira boards and projects to present aggregated views of your team’s historical progress. Insights are currently available for scrum metrics in both company-managed and team-managed projects.

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What are backlog insights?

These insights provide support for you and your team to make data driven decisions during sprint planning sessions and retrospectives all within the context of your backlog view.

Sprint Commitment Insight

This insight monitors a sprint’s workload based on the performance of the past five sprints, and tells you whether your team has over or under committed to work, based on the calculated target. This insight is based off of the estimation setting that’s enabled for your project.

Issue Type Breakdown Insight

This insights helps your team gain a better understanding of the different types of work (for example, bugs, tasks, or tech-debt) your team is taking on to make sure they are balancing out priorities that are in line with their overall objectives.

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What are board insights?

These insights give you and your team the ability to make make data-driven decisions about the health and scope of your current sprint to ensure work stays on track.

Sprint Progress Insight

The Sprint Progress insight shows how the current sprint is pacing towards your goal. With this insight, your team can see the percentage of work by status, such as percentage of work that is done, in progress, or needs to get started. This Insight is a quick way for your team to review sprint progress during standup without having to navigate to specific reports.

Burndown Insight

Burndown Insight brings the power of the burndown report directly into the context of your sprints to help you make faster decisions and diagnose issues without having to dive into your reports. By looking at the Burndown Insight, you can see what work that has been completed, and the total work remaining, in order to help predict your team's likelihood of completing the sprint in the time available.

Issues That Need Attention Insight

This insight helps your team quickly see which issues are currently stuck, blocked or flagged for attention. By checking this insight during your daily stand up, your team can progress work faster by focusing attention towards issues that might impact sprint velocity if not quickly resolved.

Epic Progress Insight

The epic progress insight helps your team connect the work you’re doing in your sprint to your larger epics. This could mean your sprint only contains issues working towards one epic, or, maybe your team chose to divide and conquer and add work to a sprint that helps to progress multiple epics. By monitoring your epic progress insight your team will be able to understand how your current sprint relates to progressing larger goals.

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