Jira mobile apps

What are Jira mobile apps?

Jira Cloud on iOS and Android complement Jira in your web browser. The web version provides advanced configuration, including permission schemes, app integrations, and technical settings for administrators. Both platforms (web and mobile) deliver capabilities to move work forward via issue creation, boards and backlogs, reports, releases, dashboards, and critical development info. Mobile allows you to embrace the power of push notifications to keep you up-to-date, and enables you to stay connected with true work-from-anywhere flexibility.

Keep work moving forward from anywhere, at any time, with the Jira Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android. It’s powerful and palm-sized. 

What are the benefits of Jira mobile apps?

  1. Respond faster with push notifications. Stay up-to-date; resolve issues faster; respond to issue comments instantly; update your team’s board and backlog on-the-fly; view critical dev info quickly.
  2. Move work forward from anywhere, anytime. Using Jira for iOS or Android means collaboration isn’t tied to a particular office space or work environment; say goodbye to long waits for team collaboration. There’s no double-handling – updates in the mobile app are automatically shared with Jira Cloud for web.
  3. View progress and share status updates on-the-go. Working across multiple teams can make gaining status updates difficult — unless you can view progress in the palm of your hand! With the Jira mobile app, your single source of truth can be right there whenever you need it, accelerating your teams’ path to success.

Who uses Jira mobile apps?

  • Developers: Receive updates on your build status in Jira. By opening a single Jira issue, view critical development info – branches, commits, pull requests – instantly, and respond to issue comments faster. 
  • Testers: Testing pre-release versions of software is faster and easier when project status updates are instant. Learn where your fix-requests are up to via Jira, and re-test as soon as you need to.
  • Project managers: Stay up-to-date with exactly what’s being released and when. At a glance, track development projects on Jira’s board or backlog, and plan long-term goals on the timeline view. Giving spontaneous updates to stakeholders has never been easier.
  • Release managers: Knowing what’s ready for release (and what’s not going to make it) and communicating that information to key stakeholders can be a whole lot easier when all critical info is located in one place. It can all be right there in Jira, ready for you.

Here are two Atlassian Community articles describing how individual team members and project managers can use the app for faster collaboration and simpler knowledge sharing. Plus, check out this video for a demonstration of how the app can streamline a DevOps workflow.