JQL: Get started with advanced search in Jira

What is JQL?

Using search in Jira can help you gain key project insights and answer questions that are relevant to the team. The three flavors of search in Jira — quickbasic, and advanced — can help you find important information about your projects.

Advanced search allows you to build structured queries using Jira Query Language (JQL) to search for issues within and across projects. Query results can be saved and used as filters and views across Jira (including boards).

What are elements of a JQL query?

A simple query in JQL (also known as a “clause”) consists of a field, followed by an operator, followed by one or more values or functions.

elements of jql
  • Field – Fields are different types of information in the system. Jira fields include priority, fixVersion, issue type, etc.
  • Operator – Operators are the heart of the query. They relate the field to the value. Common operators include equals (=), not equals (!=), less than (<), etc.
  • Value – Values are the actual data in the query. They are usually the item for which we are looking.
  • Keyword – Keywords are specific words in the language that have special meaning. In this post we will be focused on AND and OR.