Jira Product Discovery insights overview

What are insights in Jira Product Discovery?

Insights capture data to support, validate, and shape an idea. Insights can be customer quotes from an interview, links to support tickets, Slack messages from your Sales team, product analytics dashboards, or web articles.

Insights sidebar

Insights can take the form of plain text, URL, or integration and are composed of the following traits:

  1. Description - The description itself can be an insight, or you can add a description to a link you’ve pasted for more context.
  2. Link - Attaching a link to your insight is optional, but a great best practice so you know where it came from. Jira Product Discovery will automatically pull data from the link and display it as an insight. Links can be anything like a research article, or from integrations with tools like Jira Service Management or Slack.
  3. Impact rating - Not all insights carry the same weight. Use the impact rating to note which insights are more important than others. Use the ratings to create an insight impact score to help you prioritize ideas.
  4. Labels - Labels provide an easy way to tag insights with information such as “key customer”.

Insights can positively or negatively affect a prioritization score to help better prioritize ideas. Watch this demo on how to use insights to impact scoring.

How do I add insights to an idea?

Insights can come from anywhere around the web and just about any software tool you’re using. There are three main ways to add insights to your ideas:

Adding insights within Jira Product Discovery

  1. Navigate to one of your project views and click on an idea. The idea panel will appear on the right of your screen
  2. Select the Insights tab at the top of the panel
  3. Click on the blue Create an insight button

Adding insights from the Chrome extension

If your work also happens in other tools or around the web, the Jira Product Discovery Chrome extension will help you stay focused on the task at hand, while also giving you a quick way to add insights to your ideas. To add insights using the Chrome extension:

  1. Navigate to any web page and highlight the text you want as an insight
  2. Click on the Jira Product Discovery Chrome extension in your browser and select the discovery project and idea you want to add the insight to. If there isn’t a corresponding idea, create a new idea by typing in the “Ideas” field. You can also add a description or labels
  3. To add a screenshot of what’s currently visible in your browser, click the camera icon on the bottom right of the Chrome extension dialogue
  4. Click the blue Add button and your insights will automatically be added to your idea
Chrome extension

Adding insights from third-party messaging apps

Many organizations also have group channels dedicated to customer feedback or support, or receive feedback on the fly in conversations that are had. To capture messages from Slack:

  1. Install Jira Cloud for Slack app onto your Slack workspace.
  2. Hover over the conversation you wish to add as an insight and click the three dots
  3. Select Add to issue. If you don’t see this option, click More message shortcuts
  4. Select the correct Jira Product Discovery site and project, choose your idea, and click Add

Follow these instructions to add insights if you use Microsoft Teams.