Introducing the Atlassian Migration Program

Leverage the Atlassian Migration Program for step-by-step migration resources, free tools, and dedicated support to guide you every step of the way.

Cloud migration demo

Join our migrations team for a step by step demo on how to migrate to cloud, complete with live chat Q&A.

The Journey

No two companies are the same and neither should be your journey to cloud. The Atlassian Migration Program provides structure and guidance based on tried and true best practices, while catering to your team’s unique needs.

The Journey

No two companies are the same and neither should be your journey to cloud. AMP provides structure and guidance based on tried and true best practices, while catering to your team’s unique needs.


Should we move to cloud? What are the trade-offs?


What’s our strategy? What steps will we take to get there?


Get people, data, and environments ready to migrate.


Does the migration work? How long does it take?


Data and users are moved to cloud and any issues are resolved.


Help users get set up and retire server.

Support every step of the way

Whether your migration is simple and straightforward or complex and non-linear, we have the tools, resources, and support to help.

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Migrations support team

Lean on our dedicated migrations support team for guidance on migration planning, strategy and execution, and best practices - even on weekends and holidays.

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Solution Partners

Engage with our extensive network of Solution Partners for hands-on, 1:1 support throughout your migration and beyond.

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Atlassian Community

Ask questions, find answers, and get inspired by connecting with Atlassian customers who are on the journey to cloud with you.

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Server to cloud migration guide

Use our step-by-step server to cloud migration guide for resources and best practices to complete your migration from beginning to end.

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Migration documentation

For technical how-to content on everything from migrating data to running user acceptance testing, refer to our migration support documentation.

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Atlassian University

To onboard admins and end users and get the most out of using our cloud products, access free and paid trainings through Atlassian University.

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Cloud migration trial

Explore and evaluate cloud at your own pace for up to 12 months by activating your free cloud migration trial. When you're ready, use your trial to migrate your data.

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Cloud Migration Assistants

Download our free Cloud Migration Assistants for Jira and Confluence to easily migrate your product data, users, and groups from server to cloud. 

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App assessment

As part of our Cloud Migration Assistants, you can audit and assess your current app landscape and check app availability and parity in cloud.

As you get started, here are a few things to consider

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Explore what makes cloud different

Cloud is more than a deployment change - it comes with new benefits, features, and ways of working. Learn what makes cloud different, and when you’re ready, give it a try with a free cloud migration trial.

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Review cloud security and compliance

Our cloud products are designed with security and privacy safeguards in mind. Visit the Trust Center to review and compare Atlassian’s cloud security and compliance programs against your organization’s requirements.

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Learn about Atlassian Access

Atlassian Access provides enterprise-grade identity management and administration across your Atlassian cloud products. Find out if Access is right for your organization here.

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Check out cloud apps

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace to discover 1,000+ apps and integrations that extend your products for every use case. Use our Cloud Migration Assistants to assess the availability and compatibility of your current apps.

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Look ahead at our roadmap of upcoming features

We deliver new features and improvements faster in cloud. Review our cloud roadmap to see what we're working on and help you plan for your migration.

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Understand costs

Once you migrate to cloud the burden of hosting and maintenance shifts to Atlassian. This means your total cost will look a little different. Estimate your total cost of ownership in cloud or get a personalized cost comparison.

Let’s make some moves

When you’re ready to migrate, Atlassian is ready to help you get there.

95% of new customers choose Atlassian’s cloud

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“Frankly, having our engineers or IT professionals manage our systems on-premise is a waste of time and money. If there’s a company that already has amazing products, why not have them do it? That way, we can spend our time working on the things that we're good at and reduce maintenance and toil.”

Evan Lerer, Director of Engineering, Redfin

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