Build powerful, automated workflows

Automate your code from test to production with Bitbucket Pipelines, our CI/CD tool that's integrated into Bitbucket Cloud.

Bitbucket Pipelines
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CI/CD built into Bitbucket

CI/CD where it belongs, right next to your code. No servers to manage, repositories to synchronize, or user management to configure.

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Easy setup and configuration

Set up CI/CD in 2 steps with language-specific templates. Use configuration as code to manage and configure your infrastructure and leverage Bitbucket Pipes to create powerful, automated workflows.

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Best-in-class Jira integration

Continuous visibility from backlog to deployment. Give your team unmatched visibility into build status inside Jira and which issues are part of each deployment in Bitbucket.

Automate your builds and tests

Monitor your pipelines

Track how your pipelines are progressing on each step.

Automate with ease

Bitbucket Pipes makes building powerful, automated workflows easy.

Hybrid workflows

Connect to your own runners hosted behind the firewall or on a private cloud.

Manage your deployments

Deployment visibility

One place to see which version of your software is running in each environment.

Track and preview deployments

Tie code and deployments together in the deployment summary.

Collaborate across teams

End-to-end visibility with Jira

Deployments show alongside issues in Jira so teams know what shipped.

Get context & take action in Slack

Take action and collaborate around your builds and deployments.

Streamline change management

With Jira Service Management, developers can manage IT change requests from Bitbucket Pipelines.

Continuous delivery for all teams

Our mission is to enable all teams to ship software faster by driving the practice of continuous delivery. 


Easy setup and configuration

There are no CI servers to set up, user management to configure, or repos to synchronize. Just enable Pipelines with a few simple clicks and you're ready to go.


A unified experience with Bitbucket

Stop jumping between multiple applications. Manage your entire development workflow within Bitbucket, from code to deployment.


Automate dev to deployment

Sufficient coverage gives you confidence to deploy. Reduce human error and keep the team lean working on critical tasks.


Support for every platform

Build and test with any language or platform including Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET Code and more.


Configuration as code

Store and manage your build configurations in a single bitbucket-pipelines.yml file. Only 7 lines of code to get you started. 


Map the branch structure

Pipelines can be aligned with the branch structure, making it easier to work with branching workflows like feature branching or git-flow. 

Build connected workflows with Bitbucket Pipes

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Customer Flo

“It’s easier to see what caused the issue because we have CI/CD pipelines where we see all deployments, which are linked to Jira tickets, which are also linked to Confluence, Bitbucket, and Slack”

Roman Bugaev, CTO

Simple competitive pricing

A new model for hosted CI/CD: unlimited concurrency, with pricing based on usage.

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50 min / month included


2500 min / month included


3500 min / month included

Additional minutes

$10 / month for 1000 min

See plan details

Full details of each plan can be seen on the Bitbucket pricing page.

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How is pricing determined?

Pipelines pricing is based on how long your builds take to run. Many teams will use less than the plan's minute allocation, but can buy extra CI capacity in 1000 minute blocks as needed.


How many build minutes does my team need?

We see small teams with fast builds using about 200 minutes, while teams of 5–10 devs typically use 400–600 minutes a month on Pipelines.

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Unlimited concurrency unblocks your team

Pipelines lets your team run any number of builds concurrently – builds start as soon as code is pushed to Bitbucket, so your team doesn’t wait for agents to free up, and saves precious developer time.

Month-to-month flexibility

Sometimes your team just needs more build capacity, so Pipelines pricing is flexible. It includes a base allocation, and allows teams to buy additional minutes as needed.

Optimize your usage

Pipelines gives you the feedback and features you need to speed up your builds. Build times and monthly usage are shown in-product, and dependency caching speeds up common tasks.

Manage your entire workflow in one tool

Empower your team with a fully visible pipeline