Secure your team’s workflow from development to deployment

Integrate security with Bitbucket Cloud and find, fix, and monitor vulnerabilities, all in one place. 

DevSecOps made easy

Make security a seamless part of your development life cycle.

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There’s been a 250% increase in open source vulnerabilities over the past 3 years.

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Developers can anticipate potential vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies and container images, all from within Bitbucket. 


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Monitor and fix security vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies and containers

Improve code security with pull request scanning

Scan your code as soon as it is pushed to a pull request, so you can fix issues early on and throughout your entire code review process. 

Code insights provides reports, annotations, and metrics in your pull requests. 

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Security repository

Leverage powerful security capabilities without leaving your Bitbucket repository

A dedicated dashboard provides visibility into your repository’s security. See security insights and the total number of vulnerabilities in these repositories, grouped by a risk score of low, medium, and high.

Bring security testing to your CI/CD workflow

By adding just a few configuration lines into your bitbucket-pipelines.yml, you can scan dependencies for vulnerabilities automatically. 

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Integrate security with Bitbucket Cloud

Additional DevSecOps resources

Demo Den

Learn how to find, fix, and monitor security vulnerabilities in your code with the Snyk integration for Bitbucket Cloud. Hear from our product manager on how to set up the integration. 

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What is DevSecOps?

Learn what DevSecOps is as a concept, and why it matters. 


Using Pipelines with Snyk

Bring Snyk into your CI/CD process to make DevSecOps seamless. 

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Snyk & Atlassian Open DevOps

Discover how about Snyk integrates with Atlassian tools, including Jira and Opsgenie.