Git that grows with you

Get full control of your source code with Bitbucket Data Center and Server

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Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center

  • Git based code hosting and collaboration for teams
  • Active-active clustering for high availability
  • Smart mirroring for performance across geographies
  • Annual term license + maintenance



Bitbucket Server

  • Git based code hosting and collaboration for teams
  • A single server deployment
  • Perpetual license + free year of maintenance


Pull Requests

Enterprise ready

Get full control of your source code with our self-hosted deployment options: Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. As your team grows, graduate from a single server deployment to a highly available, active-active cluster with Bitbucket Data Center.


Bitbucket provides workflows for all, from small nimble teams to the most highly regulated organizations. Ensure the right people have the right access to code with fine-grained permissions, LDAP support, customizable development workflows, and audit logs.

Pull Requests
Pull request

Built for teams

Set guard rails to ensure consistency for each team's unique needs and release better software, faster. Apply hooks, add-ons, and customize code review rules with default reviewers, merge requirements, and merge strategies.

Seamlessly integrates

Save time, boost visibility, and reduce project overhead with deep integrations with Jira Software and Bamboo. Plus, customize with Atlassian Marketplace add-ons to meet your team's growing needs.

Pull request

Git that grows with you

Bitbucket Data Center provides source code collaboration for professional teams of any size, across any distance

Continuous integration

High availability

Clustering of multiple active servers ensures resilience to unplanned outages through increased availability.

Performance at scale

Performance at scale

Intelligently share load between nodes to bolster concurrent user and build capacity and avoid performance degradation.

Instant scalability

Instant scalability

Add nodes to your cluster without downtime or additional license cost to maximize resilience and uptime as you grow.

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Smart mirroring

Geographically dispersed teams save time cloning and pulling changes with Bitbucket Data Center's smart mirroring. Mirrors automatically stay in sync and inherit permissions from the master.

Integrations that matter

Easy administration

Project-based layout makes it easy for admins to consistently apply permissions and workflow settings such as pull request rules across many repositories

Enterprise support and services

Enterprise support and services

Atlassian offers Premier Support for 24/7 help and Technical Account Management for proactive analysis and help planning Atlassian deployments. 

Seamlessly integrate your entire development workflow

Integrate Bitbucket with Jira and Bamboo for full end-to-end visibility and automation across your entire development process.

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Track your work

Create Bitbucket branches from within Jira Software, update tickets without leaving Bitbucket, and track the status of your next release in Jira Software's Release Hub.

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Continuously integrate

Monitor the status of Bamboo builds, deployments, and commits in Bitbucket and detect issues before they become a problem.

"With Git and Bitbucket, we're able to complete 3x as many code reviews, which ultimately results in fewer bugs, fewer support tickets, and better software."

Kurt Chase, Director of Release Engineering
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