Atlassian Data Center

Self-managed Atlassian products built for teams, optimized for scale

Innovation at scale

High-performing teams depend on Atlassian to get s#%t done, at scale (and fast). Data Center products support your implementation of Agile, ITSM, and DevOps. Empower teams and drive success with the horizontal scalability required for seamless collaboration.

Grow fast with confidence

Plan for the future and manage growing pains before they happen. Scale with confidence and build a long-term strategy for scaling teams, applications, and infrastructure.

Get the additional layer of control you need

As you grow and mature, you’re facing increasingly complex compliance, security, and geographic constraints. Data Center provides you with the comprehensive security, compliance and controls you need without slowing your teams down.


A deep dive on Data Center

Join our weekly webinar with live chat Q&A to learn all about Data Center and how to get started. 

Data Center tech specs

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High availability

Active-active clustering gives your teams uninterrupted access even during upgrades and search-reindexing.


SAML 2.0

Simplify login experience and ensure compliance by using your existing identity provider for authentication.

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Infrastructure choice

Deploy on-premise or with IaaS vendors like AWS and Azure to best suit your company's existing investments.

First aid kit

Disaster recovery

Partial or complete system outage? Avoid chaos and keep business running smoothly with a disaster recovery strategy.

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Verified ecosystem

Data Center approved apps are purpose-built and verified for response times, scale, and supported databases.

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Data Center is built to scale as you grow. Instantly add nodes to your cluster without downtime or hits to performance.

Amadeus office

See how Amadeus uses Atlassian's enterprise products to power seamless collaboration.

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Data Center Resources

From whitepapers to guided how-tos, something something about what these resources are and how they'll help.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Atlassian Server and Atlassian Data Center products? Show

Data Center products are designed for enterprise organizations that need Atlassian products to perform well at scale, with minimum downtime for their users. Unlike Server products, Data Center products can be set up in a multi-node environment, which has a number of benefits:

  • reduced application downtime and uninterrupted user access to Atlassian products
  • consistent performance as you scale
  • scaling options that fit complex infrastructures

Read our documentation to learn more.

What does Data center cost? Show

Data Center follows an annual subscription licensing model. Please review our Data Center purchasing FAQ for detailed pricing information.

I'm already using a Server product, why should I move to Data Center and how much does it cost to migrate? Show

As applications grow across an organization they become mission-critical to every team’s success. We call this the “tipping point” for moving to an active-active clustered environment that provides high availability and supports performance at scale. Learn more about whether Data Center is right for you or tips on how to convince your team it is time to move to Data Center. Please review our Data Center purchasing FAQ for detailed pricing information when migrating from an Atlassian Server product.

I'm already using a Server product, how much does it cost to migrate to Data Center? Show

You can evaluate Data Center by downloading some or all of our Data Center products (Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, or Crowd) and creating a new Data Center evaluation license in My Atlassian to enable active clustering.