Future-proof your team’s success with Jira Data Center

Jira Software Data Center helps the world’s best agile teams plan, track, and release great software at scale

Future-proof your team’s success

Intro to Jira Software Data Center


A foundation for transformation

A foundation for transformation
Admin Tools

Support large quantities of users, issues, custom fields, and workflows today and into the future.

Organize infinite

Easily scale any transformation—from enabling teams to practice DevOps or Agile, to running agile at scale across your enterprise. 


Uncompromised user experience and performance

Active-active clustering

High availability

Ensure your users have uninterrupted access to Jira through active-active clustering.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

Deploy an offsite strategy in the event of a system outage.



Increase security and streamline user login with built-in SAML single sign-on support.

Scale to meet your needs

No pressure

Meet high demand instantly by adding nodes to a cluster with zero downtime and no additional licensing fees, and instantly sync all indexes and plugins.

Smart infrastructure

Intelligently distribute load across your cluster. Dedicate nodes for particular teams, API traffic, or apps.

Flexible deployments

Save on infrastructure costs by deploying on public cloud services like AWS and Azure.

Scale to meet your needs
Data center features

Take admins from firefighter to strategic partner

Project & issue archiving

Rate limiting

Keep your instance safe with self-protection capabilities

New feature

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Deliver faster load times for geographically distributed offices.

New feature
Custom fields optimizer

Project & issue archiving

Manage growth and make Jira more performant and readable.

Zero downtime upgrades

Zero downtime upgrades

Deploy the latest version of Jira without interrupting users.


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You’re in good company

National Bank of Canada

National Bank of Canada

Learn why standardizing on Data Center led to a more open way of working

Linked In

Linked In

Hear how LinkedIn’s seasoned Jira admin sleeps better with Data Center



Learn how IBM consolidated 170+ Jira instances to increase control and efficiency.


With Jira Software Data Center we've reduced application response time from 150ms to 80ms. Even with peak traffic response times remained steady.

—Joe Hostler, production owner, Cerner Corporation

Apps built for enterprise scale

Support your team’s individual needs with apps built to superior performance standards. Implement automation rules, add permissions and compliance tools, and more. 


Atlassian is a 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

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