Data Center

Data and insights

Unlock actionable data and insight from your Atlassian product(s) to inform and drive your decision-making capabilities

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Turn data into insights for impactful decision-making.

How Data Center helps

Code review

Access to systematic data and insight

Organizational health, productivity, and security insights across teams

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Gain a competitive business advantage

Data-driven decision-making to optimize competitive advantage and business agility

Access to systematic data and insight

With data pipeline capabilities (coming soon) you can break down team and organizational silos to understand how work is getting done across an organization, determine whether you’re delivering on the correct outcomes, respond to the unexpected and discover insights quickly. Additionally, Advanced auditing in Data Center provides a digital record of your organization's activity to demonstrate compliance, improve security, and better manage risk and workflow.

Gain the competitive business advantage

Turn data into actionable insights, with integrations to your BI or data visualization tool of choice, and drive a competitive advantage for your organization. Bringing data to the forefront of your decision-making and strategy, allows you to remove uncertainty and better forecast future outcomes based on current and historical data.

Data Center resources

Enterprise security and compliance handbook pdf cover

Security, compliance, and visibility made easy with advanced auditing

Learn how Data Center gives enterprise organizations even more power to meet increasingly complex corporate demands.

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How to drive organizational efficiency with Data Center

Empowering your organization to be more efficient can be challenging when your products don’t have the right capabilities. 

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Atlassian Data Center: Advanced auditing

How to monitor security events in Data Center with third-party monitoring integrations.