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User management

Easily manage users at scale and keep your products secure with Data Center products' built-in user management capabilities

Learn more about all the advanced user management features available in our Data Center products.

How Data Center helps

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Authentication made easy

Enable single-sign on (SSO) with SAML or OpenID Connect

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User provisioning that scales

Just-in-time (JIT) provisioning to get users up and running quickly

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Support for the leading authorization standard

Simplify third party integrations with OAuth 2.0

Authentication made easy

Above all else, user management should help you keep your products secure. SSO provides a seamless user experience that makes security simpler.

That’s why we offer support for two of the leading identity standards to allow you to implement SSO for your Atlassian Data Center products: SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect.

User provisioning that scales

Provisioning new users can become a bottleneck that affects both IT teams and the users who need access. With Atlassian Data Center products, you can reduce friction in the provisioning process by using your identity provider as a single source of truth.

Just-in-time (JIT) user provisioning allows you to automatically add new users to your Atlassian products when they sign in for the first time through SAML or OIDC - saving both you and your users valuable time.

Support for the leading authorization standard

Integrating your Atlassian tools with third party apps is critical for enabling smooth workflows. But managing those integrations - and ensuring their security - can be time consuming. With support for the leading standard for authorization - OAuth 2.0 - you can easily integrate your 3rd party tools and apps with Atlassian products.

Our current level of support allows you to use OAuth 2.0 to connect Atlassian products with mail servers like Google and Microsoft. More robust support - to help simplify all your integrations with Atlassian products - is on our roadmap.

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Interested in even more robust user management capabilities?

Try Crowd - our identity management solution for Data Center products - to enable centralized and simplified user management at scale.

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