Managing product change in Atlassian Cloud

Administer product changes and updates across Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management with confidence

Deliver critical updates and reduce workflow disruption across your entire organization

When product changes come to your organization, you require a solution to effectively manage these changes with confidence. As a result, we’ve built two key features for our Cloud Premium and Cloud Enterprise plans - sandbox and release tracks - to successfully manage all product changes and updates coming from Atlassian Cloud products.

Test and control product changes


Test and experiment with products and apps before making changes to the live production environment

Release tracks

Use various options to control when and how changes are released to end users 

Release notes

Stay up-to-date on upcoming cloud product changes by subscribing to Atlassian's weekly cloud release notes

Screenshot of Atlassian admin console demonstrating sandbox creation.

Test changes big or small, in a safe space with sandbox

See how new features will look and work once fully released in the product for your users with a sandbox. 

With the ability to test changes in this safe, isolated environment, you can keep projects moving and potentially catch issues before they’re live, preventing mass workflow disruption.

Plan, prepare, and ensure the success of product changes with release tracks

The day-to-day management of our cloud products becomes more predictable when you can choose from various options to control when and how Atlassian cloud changes release to your users. 

  • Continuous - Updates release immediately.
  • Bundled - Updates release on a monthly schedule.
  • Preview - Production and sandbox environments get the same updates using the monthly bundle track.
Screenshot of Atlassian admin console showing sandbox status of Confluence and Jira Software.
Screenshot of Atlassian Cloud release notes blog page.

Never miss a change when you sign up for release notes

View, subscribe and get notified of every product change in cloud weekly. By subscribing to our weekly release notes, you’ll get every upcoming and released cloud change documented and sent directly to your inbox each week

Start managing change in the cloud today

Sandbox and release tracks features are available in Premium versions of Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management


Need more to help you scale with confidence? Continue to manage product changes with sandbox and release tracks plus additional functionality to best serve your larger team’s goals in our Cloud Enterprise plan. 



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