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Plan, build, and operate software in one central project.

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The DevOps template is designed for high-performing teams to save time and reduce errors by managing work from a variety of tools in one centralized place. It comes pre-provisioned and integrated with other planning, development, and operations tools so you can automatically sync work and easily access code, schedules, documents, and more directly from your project.


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Ideal for

• Software development teams
• DevOps teams

Project types

• Team-managed

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How to get started with the DevOps template

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1. Sign up for Open DevOps

When you sign up for Open DevOps, we’ll automatically provision and connect free versions of Jira Software, Bitbucket, Confluence, and Opsgenie. You can upgrade these tools individually as needed or swap them out for third-party tools of your choice.

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2. Explore your project

Once you land in your project, you’ll have visibility into work that happens in your connected tools directly from Jira Software. Specifically, you’ll have access to your repositories through the Code tab, pipelines through the Deployments tab, documents through the Pages tab, and on-call schedule through the On-call tab.

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3. Customize your features

If you don’t need certain features, you can easily toggle them off in the Features page. This will remove them from the navigation so your team won’t be confused by an irrelevant tab. You can toggle them back on at any time.

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4. Organize your work

Use the kanban board to create issues that help you prioritize and track your work. Issues are discreet units of work and can include things like user stories and bugs, feature requests, and more. You can use the default workflow or create your own by adding and naming columns.

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5. Create automation rules

Create automation rules to keep the work you track in Jira in sync with your IDE or Git tool, using commits and other PR activities as triggers. For example, you can set automate a pull request approval to update an issue’s status in Jira and send a quick message to your team’s channel in Slack.

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