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Currently, our team is offering support for more than one third of the business units we have in the company with Jira Service Management. And we are just getting started.


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Edenred is a leading digital platform for services and payments and the everyday companion for people at work, connecting 52 million users and more than 2 million partner merchants in 45 countries via 950,000 corporate clients. True to the Group's purpose, "Enrich connections. For good.", these solutions enhance users’ well-being and purchasing power. They improve companies’ attractiveness and efficiency, and vitalize the employment market and the local economy. They also foster access to healthier food, more environmentally friendly products and softer mobility. Edenred’s 10,000 employees are committed to making the world of work a connected ecosystem that is safer, more efficient and more responsible every day.


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“OneJira,” one mission: How Edenred is centralizing globally onto Jira Service Management Cloud

Challenge: Edenred used Atlassian tools on a variety of deployments and wanted to centralize onto one scalable, reliable, cloud-based service management platform to serve global customers (both internal and external) more efficiently.

Solution: The company is working on migrating to Atlassian Cloud and bringing the entire organization onto one Jira Service Management instance for IT and enterprise service management.

Impact: Over 1,000 agents across IT, marketing, legal, and finance are enjoying high productivity and increased visibility as they use Jira Service Management to serve 10,000-plus customers – and counting.

Scaling sparks Edenred’s journey to centralize and modernize

Over 10,000 employees. Two million merchant partners. Fifty two million customers in 45 countries. That’s how many people Edenred touches every day. Consumers around the world turn to Edenred’s digital payment platform to pay for everything from food and transportation to gift cards and corporate purchases. A substantial, complex organization like this has substantial, complex service management needs – and Edenred turned to Jira Service Management Cloud to solve them.

“If you want your process to be visible, you need to put it in Jira Service Management.”

In 2016, the company began implementing Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, and Trello. After starting with a free trial of Jira Service Management, Edenred’s IT Global Team saw how the solution could help meet their infrastructure needs and put more formal ITIL processes into place. Razvan Nechifor joined Edenred in 2018 as the leader of the Jira Global Team, where he was charged with creating a single Jira Service Management platform for all global service requests, an initiative they have named “OneJira.” 

As Razvan and his team started their Jira Service Management rollout with IT teams, they quickly realized how configurable and intuitive of an ITSM solution it was. Camelia had prior experience as an asset manager, so she helped the team set up the native Assets tool to manage Edenred’s 300-plus applications and 3,000 servers. “We started creating a lot of templates for the asset inventory and invited our business units to use them. We’re working on making Assets our primary CMDB tool,” she explains.

Edenred is also integrating Jira Service Management with Solarwinds for performance monitoring via REST APIs, as well as using automation to alert IT of issues that need to be resolved or escalated. “We’re scattered around the globe, so it’s helpful to have everything on the same platform so we can create reports not only on the business unit level, but also on the global level,” Razvan says.

Over time, other departments across the organization have requested their own service desks. “My motto is, ‘If you want your process to be visible, you need to put it in Jira Service Management’ because we have the platform for it,” Razvan explains. “So we started to talk with different departments from the business units, beginning with the Legal Department in Romania. From there, we enrolled the Finance Department, the Marketing Department, and now we’re working with the HR Department to help them to expand and make their work visible with Jira Service Management.”

Jira Technical Lead Camelia Bordencea adds, “I was amazed by the number of business units and departments that were contacting us to set up their own Jira Service Management projects. We currently have more than 60 projects, and these numbers are growing monthly.”

My motto is, ‘If you want your process to be visible, you need to put it in Jira Service Management’ because we have the platform for it.”

Razvan Nechifor
Jira Global Team Leader

Leaving all the on-premise pains in the past

As Edenred teams around the world adopted and expanded their use of Atlassian tools, IT was finding it more challenging to support so many different deployments and geographies. They started migrating on-premise tools to Atlassian Data Center in 2018, which alleviated some of their maintenance responsibilities and provided new capabilities such as data mining. However, the team was still spending more time than they wanted managing infrastructure instead of their own products. In 2020, Edenred launched an initiative to centralize their sprawling Atlassian toolset onto one cloud instance, which will also unlock new enhancements like enterprise-grade security.

The migration is in progress across their global business teams and already proving to be more than worth it. “For me, migrating to the cloud has allowed us to leave all the on-premise pains,” Razvan says. “Everything on the cloud comes automatically. None of the updates require us to look at the server for what’s coming. It’s been a big relief. We’re glad that whenever something new appears, we can try it firsthand without doing anything.”

“OneJira," one cloud instance, one mission: Enrich connections. For good.

Although they are still in the early stages of their service management and cloud journeys, Edenred is already seeing the impacts of their efforts. “Currently, our team is offering support for more than one third of the business units we have in the company with Jira Service Management. And we are just getting started,” Camelia says. 

Now that more than 1,200 agents are serving over 15,000 customers using Jira Service Management as their central service management platform, employees can work faster and access insightful data and easy reporting. Migrating to the cloud also means they will be able to securely access the system and manage tickets anytime, anywhere. The goal is to bring the rest of the organization onto one cloud instance of Jira Service Management, expand their ITSM practices, as well as their use of Assets and Opsgenie.

The more people who join “OneJira” on the cloud, the more Edenred can live their mission to “enrich connections for good” for thousands of employees, millions of customers, and the businesses they all rely on every day.

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