Make the Switch to Git

Many teams are making the switch from Centralized version control systems like Subversion to Distributed version control systems like Git.

This is an introduction to Git using visual guides to workflows and Git commands, with examples. Keep your current workflow style while enjoying the lightweight and feature-rich benefits that Git has to offer.

Switch to Git

Git Tutorials

Built for those new to Git and those with a background in SVN, this training delivers an introduction to important Git commands by diving right into clear, task-oriented tutorials that will teach you just enough to be dangerous with Git. Tutorials include:

  • Visual and textual overviews of relevant Git commands.
  • An enterprise oriented discussion of each command.
  • Concrete and relevant examples so you can learn by doing.

Git Workflows

Walk through common Git workflows complete with guiding visuals and examples of implementation. Whether you're looking to maintain a centralized workflow or try out something different, we have you covered.

  • Understand how to use Git with your existing workflow.
  • Discover how common Git workflows can benefit your team.
  • Learn with scenario-driven text and diagram examples.

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