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Roadmap software is an essential ally for every product manager. The right product roadmap tools help product managers and teams create product roadmaps that align with and help achieve their company's business goals.

When selecting roadmap planning software, it's imperative to consider the specific goals of your business to ensure the chosen solution aligns seamlessly with your unique needs. By effectively utilizing roadmap planning, teams can streamline resource allocation, build stronger bonds between teams, and increase their chances of project success.

This article goes into greater detail about what roadmap software is, its benefits, and its significance in driving business success. By the end of this guide, you should have a much clearer idea of which roadmap software is the right solution for your company.

What is roadmap software?

Roadmap software helps product and project managers create, refine, execute, and manage roadmaps that optimize available resources and align closely with business goals. Like Gantt charts and Kanban boards, roadmap software tools can improve efficiency, collaboration, and execution for product, project, and technology teams.

Importance of roadmap software

Successful product and project management starts with consistent, proven methodologies. Well-managed policies and powerful, flexible tools help support best practices. Popular methodologies include Agile and Scrum, originally adopted by software developers and now used across multiple types of projects. Popular tools include digital Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and roadmap software. 

The right roadmap software should align closely with your strategic plans, chosen methodologies, and the other tools your product and project planning teams use. Such alignment helps to enhance collaboration and communication, keep stakeholders informed, and drive project success. Your choice of roadmap software is critical to the agility and productivity of your product and project managers and your business.

Key features of roadmap software

Jira kan ban board.

When deciding the best roadmap software for your team, focus on features that maximize ease of use and business value. These features include visualization capabilities, customization options, collaboration tools, integration capabilities, and reporting functionalities.

Jira incorporates multiple features to streamline road mapping efforts, including:

  • Boards: A board is a project management tool that helps teams plan, visualize, and manage their efforts. Each board displays individual tasks and pieces of work as visual cards. You can easily track project progress as you rearrange tasks through your workflow.
  • Issues: Jira breaks large bodies of work into smaller, more manageable pieces called issues. Use issues to capture relevant task information and status updates to keep your entire team up to date.
  • Timelines: Timelines keep your teams and stakeholders in sync and flag potential issues. Jira makes it easy to create interactive timelines by adding epics and mapping work items, dependencies, and releases. Timelines also allow teams to avoid project delays by mapping out everything in advance.

Benefits of roadmap software

The right product roadmap software can benefit your company’s product and project management efforts. Effective roadmap software can streamline project planning, improve team coordination, enhance decision-making, foster transparency, and emphasize accountability. Roadmap software can also help your teams identify and address delays or other issues before they become significant problems.

Top 9 roadmap software offerings

Jira: Best overall roadmap software

Jira roadmap.

Jira enables teams to divide large, complex projects into smaller, more manageable tasks and workflows. Its comprehensive features, ease of deployment, flexibility, integration capabilities, service and support, and popularity among diverse industries help teams see the bigger picture and stay on track.

Jira Work Management: Best for visual roadmap planning

Jira Work Management screenshot.

Jira Work Management combines an intuitive interface with customizable visualization options. These features enable streamlined collaboration. It’s well-suited for visual planning of Agile roadmaps, product roadmaps, and other business-critical resources.

Jira Align: Best for strategic planning

Jira Align screenshot.

Jira Align supports critical elements of strategic planning, including portfolio management, strategic alignment, and Agile scaling practices. These features make Jira Align a roadmap software solution that delivers results closely linked with business goals, needs, and strategies.

Confluence: Best for collaboration

Confluence share it with your team.

Confluence’s rich collaboration features, such as document sharing, commenting, and version control, enhance teamwork and communication. By creating Confluence pages directly from Jira, you can keep teams and stakeholders in sync and align project timelines with larger goals.

Jira Product Discovery: Best for prioritization

Jira Product Discovery screenshot.

Jira Product Discovery offers advanced prioritization algorithms, visual road mapping features, user feedback analysis, and integration with Agile practices. This helps your teams prioritize roadmap planning effectively.

Statuspage: Best for incident communication

Statuspage screenshot.

Statuspage features outstanding power and value as an incident communication and notification tool. The software’s real-time status updates and incident management features enable roadmap planners to maintain transparency and trust with stakeholders.

Jira Service Management: Best for customer-centric roadmapping

Jira Service Management screenshot.

Jira Service Management features tools for collecting, organizing, and prioritizing customer feedback. This is particularly useful for customer-centric roadmapping and aligning products with user needs. 

Customer-centric initiatives are taking the corporate world by storm. Jira Service Management is a wonderful tool that allows teams to establish transparent communication channels with their consumers, building long-term trust and reliability.

Confluence: Best for roadmap planning

Confluence create a page.

Confluence provides excellent support for managing and sharing information, which are critical elements of effective roadmap planning. Confluence also includes features for defining goals, initiatives, and strategic priorities. It can help you and your team create roadmaps that align with your company’s long-term objectives.

Jira: Best for automation

Jira automation screenshot.

Automation features can ease, speed, and improve roadmapping efforts for product and project managers. Jira uses machine learning algorithms, intelligent prioritization features, and powerful automation capabilities to streamline roadmap planning processes.

Use Jira for effective roadmapping

Jira helps teams plan projects, define workflows, prioritize tasks, and track critical dates, deliverables, and progress in real-time. Jira has the flexibility your teams need to pivot with agility and stay on track to meet your most critical business goals.

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Roadmap software: Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the right roadmap software?

The best roadmap software for your business depends on multiple factors, including available resources and the knowledge and experience of team members with roadmap software tools. Additional factors include features, budget, integration capabilities, scalability, and alignment with company goals and workflows.

What are the different types of roadmap tools?

Project and product managers can use multiple tools to build, execute, and manage roadmaps. Examples range from simple calendars to Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and roadmap software.

How can roadmap software benefit Agile teams?

Clear, comprehensive roadmaps are critical to the success of initiatives using Agile methodologies. Roadmap software that supports Agile principles and practices, such as Jira, enhances Agile planning, prioritization, visibility, and adaptability.