Build roadmaps your stakeholders will love

Have productive discussions, stay aligned, and save time with roadmaps in Jira Product Discovery.

Screenshot Roadmap
Screenshot Roadmap

Get everyone on the same page

Rethink how you communicate your plans. Create roadmaps with just the right amount of context and detail, and encourage two-way conversations with your stakeholders.

Screenshot board
Screenshot timeline

Plan your work

Use the board view to get everyone up to speed, so team discussions can focus on priorities that you’ve committed to now, next, and later. If you need to share rough dates, use the timeline view.

Screenshot stakeholders

Tailor the story

Effortlessly create and publish custom views for different teams and stakeholders. Show ideas aligned to company goals to leadership, or plans for highly requested features to customers.

Screenshot roadmaps

Keep everyone engaged

Share views with teams to collaborate on your roadmap. Encourage comments, reactions and votes to build consensus.

Screenshot tool switching

See progress without tool-switching

Track how the ideas you've committed to are progressing by linking them to Jira issues, all in a single roadmap in Jira Product Discovery.

Spend less time updating and persuading - and more time creating

No more time spent creating spreadsheets or multiple decks that become outdated instantly. With Jira Product Discovery, teams have an easy-to-read, always up-to-date roadmap at their fingertips.

Frequently asked questions

What are roadmaps in Jira Product Discovery?

Roadmaps are made using the board or timeline views in Jira Product Discovery. Board views let you present your ideas according to a field of your choice (for example, a “now/next/later” board, or by thematic area), while timeline views let you show your ideas along a monthly or quarterly timeline. Learn more about views in our product guide.

How are roadmaps in Jira Product Discovery different from Jira Plans?

Roadmaps in Jira Product Discovery show what you are planning to work on and why you’ve prioritized it. Jira Plans show how you plan to execute the ideas you’ve committed to on your roadmap. And since it’s all built on Jira, you can easily connect the ideas on your roadmap to the epics and issues in Jira for end-to-end visibility, from idea to delivery.

Are roadmaps available in Jira Product Discovery Free and Standard plans?

Yes! Jira Product Discovery has board and timeline views in our Free and Standard plans. You can use either view type to create as many roadmaps as you’d like. Learn more about views in our product guide.

What does it mean when a view is “published”?

When you “publish” a view, you create a read-only version that you can share with stakeholders who do not have a license to Jira or your Atlassian site. Please note this functionality is only available in the Standard edition of Jira Product Discovery.

Can I create views in Jira Product Discovery for free?

Yes! You can sign up for a Free plan of Jira Product Discovery here.

What is the difference between Jira Product Discovery and Jira Align?

Jira Product Discovery is best suited for teams looking to prioritize and roadmap at the product level. Jira Align is built for enterprises to aggregate team-level data to make work visible across the entire organization. Learn more about Jira Align.