Starter Licensing and Pricing

Licensing and ordering

1. What is the Starter License?

  1. A perpetual license for the install/server version
  2. Exclusively supported through the Atlassian Community
  3. Maintenance is renewable for $10/year
  4. Acceptable for commercial use on a single server
  5. Supports a limited number of users only; you cannot combine multiple licenses
  6. Includes access to product source code *
  7. Each product's Starter License entitles you to:
Product $10 gets you...
JIRA Software 10 users
Confluence 10 users
Hipchat Data Center †  10 users
FishEye 10 committers, 5 repositories
Crucible 5 users
Bamboo 10 plans, unlimited local agents, 0 remote agents
Crowd 50 users
JIRA Core 10 users
Capture for JIRA 10 users
JIRA Service Desk up to 3 Agents
Team Calendars for Confluence 10 users
Bitbucket Server 10 users

* Source code is not available for the following: Capture for JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, Team Calendars for Confluence.

† HipChat Data Center is an annual term license starting at $10 for 10 users. HipChat Data Center licenses do expire and are not perpetual.

Note: Entry-level licenses are available for third-party Marketplace add-ons at the tiers above, but these are not included in the Starter License program.

2. How much are Starter Licenses?

Atlassian Starter Licenses are just USD $10 each. Australian customers must add 10% GST.

3. Where do I access my Starter License key?

If you have purchased an Atlassian Starter License, you can access your license key via your My Atlassian account.

4. Why can't I pay by mailed check or bank transfer?

Due to processing and handling costs we're only able to accept credit card payments for Starter Licenses.

5. Can I combine multiple licenses to increase the number of licensed users I have for a single instance of JIRA e.g Can I combine 3 x 10-user licenses to give me a 30-user license?

Oh that's getting a bit fancy. Unfortunately 10-user licenses can not be combined to form a single license of greater than 10-users. Starter Licenses can be upgraded at the cost of a new license at the higher tier. You can get additional information on the pricing of each product from the tabs on the left.

6. Is this a hosted offering?

Starter Licenses are for our downloadable editions of our products.  We also offer Starter-level subscriptions for Atlassian Cloud.

7. Is the license valid for one year?

The license is a perpetual license and includes 12 months of software maintenance (which entitles you to software updates) for a full year. Plus, you can purchase additional years of software maintenance (up to 3 years total) for only $10 per additional year. Support for our starter licenses program is available exclusively through the Atlassian Community.

8. What happens at the end of my first year of usage?

To continue receiving software updates, you will need to renew your software maintenance for a $10 renewal fee. The monies collected from renewals of Starter Licenses will also be donated to charity. The license holder will be contacted by email prior to the expiration of the included software maintenance period, to serve as a reminder. This email will provide details on how specifically you can renew your software maintenance.

When purchasing a Starter License, you can purchase up to 3 years of updates and technical support in advance (3 x $10 = $30). You can also renew your Starter License at any time, up to a maximum of 3 years into the future.

Please Note: All maintenance renewals commence from the previous date of expiration.  If your maintenance has lapsed, it makes more sense to purchase a new license. You can just drop the new license key into your existing instance - there is no need to reinstall the software.

9. When usage grows beyond 10 users what should I do?

You will need to upgrade to a commercial license that supports the number of users you require. You can find additional information on the pricing of each respective product on the tabs to the left.

10. Which version of the software do I need?

Product Minimum version
JIRA 4.0
Confluence 3.0
Bamboo 2.4
FishEye 2.0.5
Crucible 2.3.6
Crowd 2.0
Bitbucket  1.0

11. Should I get a $10 Starter License or a 30-day Free Evaluation License?

If the Starter License is sufficient for your needs, go ahead and buy it.

However, if you are evaluating our products for deployment in a Production environment that requires more users or functionality, then we recommend using a free 30-day Evaluation License. This lets you trial our products with a larger number of users, but limited to an evaluation period.

12. I thought Atlassian issued free personal licenses?

We used to issue free Personal Licenses for JIRA (3-users) & Confluence (2-users). Starter Licenses have replaced Personal Licenses, bringing you a more valuable 10-user license, for just $10. With the introduction of Starter Licenses, we felt it was appropriate to channel demand for personal license requests towards Starter Licenses, given their charitable nature.

13. Can I get a refund for my Starter License?

Given the charitable nature of monies collected from Starter Licenses, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for Starter License purchases.

About the Starter program

1. Why not just make it free?

Atlassian believes that responsible businesses give back to the community. We want to take the proceeds from all of our Starter Licenses and donate them to charity. We feel $10 for a 10-user license is a very, very fair price.

2. What does Atlassian do with the $10 payment?

Atlassian donates 100% of Starter License payments to charity, absorbing all transactions costs incurred in payment processing. Rather than distribute small amounts of money to a number of organizations, the staff of Atlassian have chosen to support a single non-profit organization called Room to Read. Room to Read has established more than 13,000 libraries and constructed more than 1,500 schools in developing nations. The Atlassian Foundation will make a donation equivalent to your payment to

3. Are these product versions watered down?

JIRA Software, Confluence, Crowd, JIRA Core, JIRA Service Desk, Capture for JIRA, Team Calendars for Confluence and Bitbucket Server Starter Licenses are for fully featured versions. As FishEye and Bamboo license tiers vary by functionality rather than the number of users, Starter Licenses for FishEye allow ten users, ten committers per repository, as well as a total of five repositories. Bamboo allows up to 10 local build jobs. As Capture for JIRA and Portfolio for JIRA are linked to JIRA's licensing, Capture for JIRA and Portfolio for JIRA Starter Licenses will only function when used in conjunction with a JIRA Software Starter License.

4. Is this a hidden introductory offer price?

No, our Starter Licenses are just $10 each. This includes 12 months of software maintenance (which entitles you to software updates). Furthermore, the amount you will pay in subsequent years for additional years of Starter License software maintenance is just $10. Support for our starter licenses program is available exclusively through the Atlassian Community.

5. I'm a small team in a big company, are Starter Licenses right for me?

Absolutely. The Atlassian Starter Licenses are not restricted to small companies and can be used by companies of any size. If you find that 10-user licenses are not sufficient for your team size, you can purchase a different edition that allows a higher number of users at any point in time.

6. Who uses Atlassian's products?

Atlassian products are used by more than 50,000 customers worldwide.

7. Does the purchase of a Starter License include a tax deductible donation slip since the proceeds go to charity?

Unfortunately not. The reason is that you are actually purchasing the license and Atlassian is making the charitable donation on your behalf. Last time we did a program like this we donated over $100,000 to charity, so every small contribution adds up.

8. What is The Dragon's Lair?

Setting up the integrated suite of all 6 Starter Licenses will give you awesome results, but we know that the setup procedure can be long and difficult. We have put together these instructions for integrating a suite of Atlassian applications called The Dragon's Lair. We're also offering a limited edition Atlassian Dragon Slayer t-shirt for all those who complete this harrowing and awesome journey! Start your quest today! Meet the dragon if you dare!

Support and Training

1. What level of support do I get?

Your license includes 12 months of software maintenance which is optionally renewable for $10 per each additional year (with all monies being donated to charity). If you need support, browse or ask in the Atlassian Community.

2. Why isn't my 10-user Starter License working?

1. Make sure you have a starter-license-enabled version installed:

Product Minimum version
JIRA 4.0
Confluence 3.0
Bamboo 2.4
FishEye 2.0.5
Crucible 2.3.6
Crowd 2.4
Bitbucket 1.0

2. All Starter Licenses require that you have no more than 10 users for the license to function, except for:

  • FishEye: 10 committers but no more than 5 repositories
  • Crucible: no more than 5 users
  • Bamboo: no more than 10 local build plans
  • Crowd: no more than 50 users

3. I have a 5-user Starter License from the April 2009 Stimulus Package, why isn't my 5-user Starter License being accepted?

If you are trying to use your 5-user Starter Licenses in the latest available version, as your licensing system has changed, you will need to generate and pick up an updated license key via My Atlassian. JIRA Agile Starter Licenses will not work with the 5-user JIRA Starter License. You will need to purchase a new (10-user) JIRA Starter License.


1. Why isn't the renewal price for Starter Licenses 50% of the purchase price like your other licenses?

Because the proceeds of the Starter Licenses go directly to charity, we decided to set the renewal price to 100% of the purchase price: $10.

2. My Starter License is out of maintenance, should I renew or purchase a new license?

Renewing maintenance for a Starter License costs the same as purchasing a new Starter License: both are just $10! But if your maintenance has already expired, it makes more sense to purchase a new license rather than a renewal to make sure you get the most for your money, as all renewals commence from the previous date of expiration and you will be charged for lapsed maintenance.

Either way, you can just drop the new license key into your existing instance - there is no need to reinstall the software.

3. Can I buy more than 1 year's maintenance?

Yes, you can buy maintenance for up to 3 years in advance.

4. Can I synchronize the maintenance periods for my Starter Licenses?

No, given the fixed cost of Starter Licenses we can not provide this service.

5. When usage grows beyond 10 users what should I do?

You will need to purchase a commercial license that supports the number of users you require. You can find additional information on the pricing of each respective product on the tabs to the left.

JIRA Software

1. What edition of JIRA Software do I get for $10?

With the introduction of JIRA 4.0 and this Starter Program, JIRA moved to a user-based licensing model. This means that all editions now have full Enterprise functionality, which was previously only available in the JIRA Enterprise Edition (RRP US$4,800).


1. Why wasn't Clover included in the Starter License Program?

Atlassian's Starter License program was designed to give small teams access to our most popular products whilst supporting a charitable organization. The Starter License program has the potential to detrimentally impact our support costs and quality of service, as well as company revenue. At the same time, we want to see as many teams as possible succeed with our products, while still providing customers with legendary customer support and sustaining the healthy long-term growth of our company.

With that in mind, we took a risky step to make the program a permanent fixture, whilst expanding it to products that were able to logically accommodate the Starter License program within a very short time frame. In the future, we will consider including additional products.


1. I already own a 10-user FishEye license. How does the $10 Starter License differ from the 10 user license?

The $10 Starter License for FishEye is restricted to no more than 10 committers total per repository and 5 repositories, whereas your full 10-User FishEye has unlimited repositories and unlimited committers per repository.

2. What are the Starter License restrictions?

FishEye Starter Licenses are restricted to no more than 10 users in FishEye, 10 committers total per repository, and 5 repositories.

3. What happens if I exceed the Starter License limits?

If you have more than five repositories, FishEye will prevent more than five repositories from being enabled at any given time. Administrators can control which five repositories are enabled.

4. What happens when the 11th unique committer is encountered during indexing?

For all SCMs other than CVS FishEye will index all revisions up to but not including the revision that introduced the 11th committer. Since CVS is indexing is file-by-file based, FishEye will index files until it reaches the committer limit. Remaining files in the repository are not indexed. This means only files which have been indexed will be displayed in changesets and changesets may be incomplete.

5. What happens when a FishEye instance with a Starter License is started, using existing indexes with more than five repositories?

FishEye will only start indexing on the first five repositories. An administrator can use admin UI to adjust which repositories are enabled and hence control the five repositories that are started. FishEye should then be restarted.

6. What happens when a FishEye instance with a Starter License is started, using existing indexes with one or more repositories with more than ten committers?

FishEye will display all information currently indexed but for each repository that has reached the ten committer limit, no further revisions will be indexed.

7. What happens on upgrade from a Starter License, if indexing has been paused due to the committer limit being reached?

On restart of FishEye, indexing will resume for all repositories. Each repository can restarted individually to avoid restarting FishEye. Due to the nature of CVS indexing, we recommend reindexing any CVS repositories which have reached the committer limit prior to the license upgrade.

8. What happens when upgrading from a Starter License, when repositories have not started due to the repository limit being reached?

On restart of FishEye, all enabled repositories will start. Each repository can restarted individually to avoid restarting FishEye.

9. What happens if my evaluation license has expired and I upgrade to a Starter License, however I have exceeded the Starter License limitations?

As described above, a maximum of five repositories will start and for any repository with more than 10 committers, no further indexing will occur. All existing indexed content is retained and can be viewed.

10. What happens when downgrading to a Starter License, where the repository limit has been exceeded?

A maximum of five of your configured repositories will start running. The remainder will not start but will continue to be available.

11. What happens when downgrading to a Starter License, where the committer limit has been exceeded for one or more repositories?

No further indexing will occur for the repositories where the committer limit has been exceeded.

12. How is the training delivered?

Training sessions are delivered as interactive webinars and online video resources. The course is delivered with a set of PowerPoint slides, using practical examples from within JIRA or Confluence.


1. Can I use my Crucible Starter License with FishEye?

The Crucible Starter will work with both Starter and commercial FishEye installations and will mirror FishEye's repository restrictions (e.g. if working with a FishEye Starter with limited repos, Crucible will only support that number of repos; if commercial FishEye then there will be no repo number restrictions)


1. What restrictions are there when using a Bamboo Starter License?

With a Bamboo Starter License, you are restricted to 10 build Jobs, and 0 remote agents, but can run unlimited local agents.  A Job is a single build unit within a Plan. One or more Jobs can be organized into one or more Stages. Given a 10 Job limit, you may distribute your Jobs between up to 10 Plans - for example, one Job per Plan or all 10 Jobs within one Plan. There is no limit on the number of times a Plan is built/executed.

Please note that use of the Plan Branches has a multiplicative effect on the number of jobs configured, and therefore an effect on the 10 jobs cap. For example, a plan with two jobs that is building against a total of three branches (the plan's original branch, plus two additional branches) will contribute 6 jobs toward the limit.