Atlassian Community License Request

Thank you for your interest in an Atlassian Community License!

Atlassian software is free for use by official not for profit organisations and charities. It's our way of giving back to the community (and to hopefully improve the productivity of charitable organisations too).

Atlassian Community Licenses are designed for official not for profit organisations and charities which are not for profit, non-government, non-academic, non-commercial in nature, have no religious affiliation and that would not otherwise be able to afford Atlassian software. If your organisation does not really fit into this description, we suggest you purchase one of our commercial licenses – they are still highly affordable.

Atlassian Community Licenses do not include full source, require that the server must be used only for the organisation the license was provided for, and cannot be used with Atlassian Cloud.

If you are working on an Open Source project, please apply for an Open Source License.

Please allow up to two weeks for your Community License application to be processed.