Bitbucket Pricing & Licensing

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Important changes to our server and Data Center products
We’ve ended sales for new server licenses and will end support for server on February 2, 2024. We’re continuing investment in Data Center with several key improvements. Learn what this means for you.

Bitbucket Cloud

What does Bitbucket Cloud cost? Show

Bitbucket Cloud is priced per user that has access to each workspace. When you upgrade a workspace, you upgrade every user within the workspace – and pricing is dependent on the plan type (Standard or Premium).

Learn more about Bitbucket's pricing in the below table:

  Price per workspace Included
Free $0 for up to 5 Users

Build Minutes: 50 minutes/month

File storage for LFS: 1 GB


$15/Month flat rate for up to 5 Users

After 5 Users:

$3/User/Month for the first 100 Users

$2.85/User/Month for the next 150 Users

$2.55/User/Month for additional Users

Build Minutes: 2,500 minutes/month

File storage for LFS: 5 GB


$30/Month flat rate for up to 5 Users

After 5 Users:

$6/User/Month for the first 100 Users

$5.50/User/Month for the next 150 Users

$5/User/Month for additional Users

Build Minutes: 3,500 minutes/month

File storage for LFS: 10 GB

* All prices USD

What is the difference between Bitbucket Standard and Bitbucket Premium? Show

Bitbucket Standard includes unlimited private repositories, Jira Software and Trello integrations, merge checks, and more. Bitbucket Premium includes all Standard features, plus deployment permissions, IP whitelisting, two-step verification, smart mirroring, and more.

What are build minutes? Show

Build minutes are minutes executing a pipeline on a runner, excluding time acquiring a runner. They’re the minutes when your pipeline status is “In progress” – or, actually running a Pipelines build.

As a Bitbucket Free user, how do I pay for extra build minutes or file storage? Show

All you need to do is add your billing details. Once you've done that, you'll get additional minutes and storage the way that Bitbucket Standard and Bitbucket Premium plan users do. We'll automatically charge you $10 for an additional 1,000 build minutes and $10/month for an additional 100 GB file storage.

Do I share build minutes and file storage with other users in my workspace? Show

Yes, you share the build minutes and file storage with all users in your workspace.

Can I buy more build minutes? Show

If you've added your billing details, we'll automatically charge you $10 for every 1,000 build minutes you start using over the minutes included in your plan.

Can I buy more file storage (LFS)? Show

You don't need to buy more file storage for LFS. If you've added your billing details, we'll automatically charge you $10/month for every 100 GB you start using over the GB included in your plan.

When will I be billed for my excess usage? Show

We will bill you for excess usage at the end of your billing cycle. Each billing cycle is a month long and varies based on when you upgraded your plan. 

Within Bitbucket's settings, your Plan Details page will show you the dates of your current billing cycle, plus you can find the number of build minutes and file storage that your workspace used that billing period.

Is Bitbucket still free for small teams? Show

Yes, Bitbucket is still free for individuals and small teams with up to 5 users per workspace, with unlimited public and private repositories. You also get 1 GB file storage for LFS and 50 build minutes for Pipelines per account.

What is a user? What is a workspace? Show

A user is anyone with a Bitbucket account. Once you give a user access to a private repository they count as a user for your billing plan. 

A workspace is how you organize different streams of work in an account. Anything you create in Bitbucket Cloud (repositories, snippets, wikis, etc) will live under a workspace. All users start with one workspace and one workspace ID, and you can create additional workspaces as needed, and invite other users into them. For more information, please see our Workspace documentation.

I have more questions! Show

Bitbucket Cloud Standard and Bitbucket Cloud Premium customers are welcome to contact our Bitbucket Support Team at any time for assistance.

Bitbucket Cloud Free subscribers are eligible for support through the Atlassian Community

Bitbucket Data Center

What is Data Center?

Data Center is Atlassian’s purpose-built enterprise offering for self-managed environments. With the continuous innovation of enterprise-grade features, flexible infrastructure choices, and advanced controls, Data Center makes it easy to meet the complex needs of your organization at scale. Data Center is available for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Crowd. See our Data Center information page for more details.

Reference our Data Center FAQ for common questions.

What does Bitbucket Data Center cost?

Please refer to Bitbucket Pricing for complete pricing details.

What are the benefits of Data Center?

Data Center helps large enterprises get work done at scale. 

Our enterprise edition for self-managed environments, Data Center offers solutions for enterprise environments across:

  • Compliance and security
  • Advanced user management
  • Infrastructure and operations
  • Data and insights
  • Scale, performance, and availability
  • Enterprise-grade ecosystem

Data Center is available for Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, Crowd, and coming soon to Bamboo.

Where can I learn more about Data Center?

Our migration center provides end-to-end support throughout your move to Data Center, leveraging our proven best practices and resources including:

  • Step-by-step deployment guides that show you how to plan and successfully migrate to either non-clustered or clustered Data Center.
  • Resources and migration tools that can make migrating to Data Center easier.
  • Support to guide you through every step of your journey to Data Center and ensure you have the information you need to be successful. 
  • Solution Partners for complex setups and support to help you plan for, move to, and grow with Atlassian’s Data Center products.

If you still have open questions after reviewing the documentation, our team will be happy to clarify them for you – just get in touch.

Bitbucket Server

How much is it to renew my Bitbucket Server software maintenance? Show

Existing Bitbucket Server licenses can be renewed to a maximum end date of February 2, 2024. Review the table below to find your Bitbucket Server renewal price.

Atlassian automatically sends a no-obligation quote 90 days before the maintenance is to expire on a license. You can request a quote at any time; see this FAQ for more details. You also have the option to set up auto-renewal through

Software maintenance renewals commence from the expiration of your active maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal is purchased. We recommend renewing at least 30 days before expiration to ensure you can upgrade to new releases and get technical assistance at any time.

What does end of support mean? Show

Between February 2, 2021 PT and February 14, 2022 PT, we will continue to provide support (i.e. database, browser, Java) and bug fixes on server products. Effective February 15, 2022 PT, we will only provide security bug-fixes for critical vulnerabilities until the end of support.

On February 2, 2024 PT, your server products will reach end of support. After this date, support and bug fixes will no longer be available for your server products and apps, and any renewals will be prorated to match this date. To stay secure and benefit from continued innovation, we strongly recommend migrating to Cloud or Data Center before the end of support date.

What does it cost to upgrade my Bitbucket Server license to a higher user tier? Show

Effective February 15, 2022 PT, you will no longer be able to upgrade or downgrade your user tier for your Bitbucket Server license(s). After this date, you'll need to migrate to Cloud or Data Center to change your user tier.

User tier upgrades are calculated based on your existing license's purchase price, and the purchase price of the target user tier. To verify your upgrade cost, create a server upgrade quote in the Atlassian Store or contact us for assistance.

How do I purchase a user tier upgrade? Show

There are two ways to generate a server license upgrade quote:

When the license's billing contact logs into, they can select the license in question, followed by Upgrade. You'll then be routed to our secure Quote & Order form. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the user tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later. 

Atlassian Store

Upgrade quotes can be generated directly from the Atlassian Store. After logging in, you'll see Upgrade at the top of the page. You can then select the product(s) you'd like to upgrade, and the user tier you'd like to move to. When you're finished, click Add To Cart. You can then check out, or save the no-obligation quote for later. 

Please note that Bitbucket Server license upgrades are only available until February 15, 2022 PT.