Bamboo Pricing & Licensing

Our FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions relating to our licensing and pricing. Of course, if you would like to talk to us directly, please contact our Customer Advocate Team.

How do I find the renewal cost of my Bamboo Server maintenance? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Existing Bamboo Server licenses can be renewed to a maximum end date of February 15, 2024 PT.

Billing and technical contacts can generate a renewal quote at any time through All that's needed is the Support Entitlement Number (SEN) and the email address of any current contact for the license being renewed.

To order a server product software maintenance renewal through the Quote & Order Form, click the Renew tab and select the product(s) you wish to renew.

Renewal costs are provided upon quote requests and are dependent upon initial purchase date.

What is software maintenance? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Software maintenance, included in your first year of use, gives you the following benefits:

  • Security patches
  • Critical bug fixes
  • New features & enhancements
  • Access to Atlassian's world-class Support team for technical troubleshooting
  • Developer license* keys (lets you test the upgrades before committing!)
  • Potential to enroll in Beta Programs

In order for your software maintenance to remain active year-round, you must purchase it annually. Learn more about our renewing terms for software maintenance above. We also suggest making sure your business processes allow for frequent upgrades so your team can continue reaping the benefits enjoyed by other world-class teams.

How do I request a quote? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Requesting an obligation-free quote is easy! You will just need to submit your request through the Atlassian Store. In the final step check Get a Quote and click Submit. Only quotes submitted though our online form are considered valid, screen prints of the shopping cart is not the same as a quote.

How is Bamboo Data Center licensed? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

A Bamboo commercial, academic, or starter license entitles you to:

  • Deploy Bamboo in a single-node or a clustered multi-node setup with an unlimited number of secondary nodes
  • Use remote, elastic, or ephemeral agents as per edition
  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Software maintenance for 12 months — including all updates and online support
  • Application source code (under a developer source license which allows for broad customization)

An academic license is available for qualified educational and academic institutions (learn more).

What are agents? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

A Bamboo agent is a service that provides capabilities to run job builds. Bamboo includes the following types of agents:

  1. Remote agents, which run in their own separate processes (that is, have their own JVM).
  2. Elastic agents, which run in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
  3. Ephemeral agents, which are short-lived remote agents that start on demand inside a Kubernetes cluster t ocarry out a single build or deployment before being shut down.

Each agent has a defined set of capabilities. An agent's capabilities enable it to run build and deployment jobs with matching requirements.

Agents communicate with Bamboo using the Java Message Service (JMS).

What does it cost to upgrade my Bamboo Server license to a higher tier? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Effective February 15, 2022 PT, you cannot upgrade or downgrade your tier for your Bamboo Server license(s). You will need to migrate to Data Center or Cloud to change your tier. Learn more about our cloud CI/CD capabilities in Bitbucket.

What is the difference between online/offline/disabled agents? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

A Bamboo Agent is a service that provides capabilities to run job builds.

  1. offline agents are disconnected from Bamboo and do not affect billing or licensing.
  2. online agents are connected to Bamboo and consume a license.
  3. disabled is a status set on the agent by an administrator which means they cannot be utilized by builds, however, if they are connected to the server — they are still considered online and will consume a license.
What does end of support mean? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

On February 15, 2024 PT, your server products will reach end of support. After this date, support and bug fixes will no longer be available for your server products and apps, and any renewals will be prorated to match this date. To stay secure and benefit from continued innovation, we strongly recommend migrating to Cloud or Data Center before the end of support date.

Bamboo Data Center

What is Data Center? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Data Center is Atlassian’s purpose-built enterprise offering for self-managed environments. With the continuous innovation of enterprise-grade features and advanced controls, Data Center makes it easy to meet the complex needs of your organization at scale. Data Center is available for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd and Bamboo. See our Data Center information page for more details.

What level of support is provided with Bamboo Data Center? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Priority Support will be included with your Bamboo Data Center subscription for customers with 100 or more agents.

What are the benefits of Data Center? Copy link to heading Copied! Show

Data Center helps large enterprises get work done at scale. 

Bamboo Data Center offers:

  • Build resilence
  • Project-level build resources
  • High availability

To learn more about Bamboo Data Center, check out our release notes.

Data Center is available for Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management, Crowd, and Bamboo.