What is Atlassian Access?

Atlassian Access is an organization-wide subscription that lets you enforce single sign-on (SSO) on your Atlassian cloud products as well as additional security features.

Access allows you to connect identity providers to your Atlassian cloud products to manage user accounts in a way that suits you. Apply security features like two-factor authentication and password policies to your user accounts and get enhanced insights (see a full list of features) across your organization.

Access is a separate subscription so that we can meet the needs of different kinds of organizations, no matter the industry or size.

Estimate pricing

Calculate your estimated price for Atlassian Access using this calculator. Note that Access is included free of charge with Enterprise plans.

How pricing works

We offer flexible pricing per unique user. A unique user for Access means that regardless of how many products a user has access to, they count as a single user for billing.

Our pricing ensures you receive the most value from your Access subscription as your organization grows. As you add more users, the average price per user will decrease.

User count | Progressive price

Each billing cycle (either monthly or annually), we’ll charge you for the number of unique users provisioned to a product supported by Access, regardless of how many products any one user has access to.

That means a user provisioned to both Confluence and Jira Software only counts as a single user when we bill for Access. Read about Access and unique, billable users.

Free for 30 days

No credit card required

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Atlassian Access features

Enforced single sign-on (SSO) Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Enforce single sign-on (SSO) for all managed users to allow them to authenticate to Atlassian cloud products through a company's existing identity provider. This means users can access multiple tools with the same set of credentials, while using a more secure method of authentication than just a username and password.

SCIM automated user provisioning Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Automate user lifecycle management with SCIM provisioning and de-provisioning. Access to Atlassian cloud products will be defined by rules set in your external directory.

User provisioning reduces the manual work involved with granting employees application access when they join the company or move to a new team.

Authentication policies Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Admins can set authentication policies to manage session duration, single sign-on (SSO), password policies, and two-step verification. Multiple policies can be created and applied to different subsets of managed accounts.

Enforced two-step verification Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Enforced two-step verification can be applied as part of an authentication policy. This requires the users in an organization to turn on two-step verification in order to log in and access their Atlassian cloud products.

Mobile app management (MAM) Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Create and manage security policies that can be applied to both managed and unmanaged users with mobile app management (MAM). Policies can be set at the organization level or designated for select users to provide additional security controls such as screenshot disabling, data export restrictions, and device encryption requirements.

Automatic product discovery Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Gain visibility into shadow IT by discovering when managed users in your organization create instances across Atlassian cloud products. Automatic product discovery identifies the product administrator and how many users are using these products.

Organization audit log Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

A comprehensive log of admin activity that takes place in the Atlassian cloud organization. An organization audit log shows admins the who, what, and when of admin activity to help organizations track and identify any suspicious behavior.

CASB integrations Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Integrate Atlassian Access with your CASB to capture a complete record of login and administrative activity in Atlassian. Defend against common threats such as compromised user credentials, poor password hygiene, or insider threats with overprivileged accounts.

Learn more about connecting your McAfee MVISION or Microsoft Defender CASBs.

Organization insights Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Admins can achieve better visibility into the usage of their Atlassian products and make more data-driven decisions when it comes to increasing adoption or optimizing their products' ROI.

The feature provides a set of analytics across the Jira suite (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Jira Work Management) and Confluence cloud products that are linked to an organization.

API token controls Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Admins have greater visibility and control over API token management and its lifecycle. This includes controlling which users can create an API token to access data and viewing which users are creating and revoking API tokens.

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How to begin an evaluation of Atlassian Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Follow these steps to get started with your Atlassian Access evaluation:

  1. Select ‘Start trial' in the
  2. Choose your organization. Access works on the organization-level (not the site-level), so select the organization you’d like to apply Access policies to. If you only have one organization, your organization will be automatically selected.
  3. Verify your domain. Before you can use Access, verify your domain to begin managing all of the Atlassian accounts at your company.
  4. Start your 30-day free trial of Access. Simply select one of the security features like SAML SSO (single sign-on), then select ‘Learn more,' and then select 'Try it free for 30 days’.
  5. Enable a feature of Access. Start taking advantage of SAML SSO, user provisioning (SCIM) enforced two-step verification, audit logs, and more.
Definition of organization and how it relates to Atlassian Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

To help administrators manage multiple Atlassian cloud products and sites centrally, we created a global administration layer called organizations.

Through your organization, you can begin managing every user in your company who has access to an Atlassian cloud product and a specific domain or domains in their Atlassian account email address (for example,

When you’ve verified your domain and your organization directory is populated, you can then apply Atlassian Access security policies across the users in your organization.

Because Atlassian Access was built to let administrators secure their entire organization centrally at once, you can’t get Access at just the site level, only the organization level. This way, you can rest assured that every Atlassian cloud user is abiding by the same set of authentication and security requirements.

Verify your domain to use Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

To take advantage of Atlassian Access’s features, you must first verify ownership of your domain.

After you verify a domain, you can claim the Atlassian accounts with an email address that matches your company’s domain. Admins can either claim all users with the matching domain or a subset of those users.

The domain verification process spans your Atlassian cloud products and sites, allowing you to manage every Atlassian cloud user in your company, not just one specific site or product.

A domain name is everything that comes after the @ symbol in the email addresses of your user's accounts. For example, Atlassian has the domain Additionally, you can verify more than one domain. 

Any organization or site administrator can create an organization and verify their domain free of charge. This gives you a single place to view all of your managed accounts. You must subscribe to Access to enforce security policies across these accounts.

Learn more about domain verification.

Access and server products Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Atlassian Access is specifically for our cloud products while Crowd is for our server products. Our current recommendation is that customers with both cloud and server Atlassian products use Crowd for user management and SSO across server and data center products while also using Access to control users and security for their cloud products.

Which Atlassian products are covered by Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Atlassian Access allows you to centrally enforce security policies across managed cloud users of Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, and Statuspage at your organization.

Jira Service Management users and Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

We’ll only bill you for unique users (in Jira Service Management, paid users are called “agents”) that are licensed on JSM. Users who only create requests with a JSM portal aren’t licensed (also called “portal-only accounts”), so you won’t be charged for them.

Learn more about pricing and licensing.

Statuspage users and Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

If you're an Atlassian Access customer with Statuspage users in your organization, your Atlassian Access bill won’t include any users who have access to Statuspage Startup edition and higher (regardless of whether they have access to other Atlassian cloud products like Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, or Trello).

If you have users in your organization on the Statuspage Hobby plan, they will be billable with Access.

Adding Access to your plans Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Atlassian Access gives an organization centralized control and increased security across multiple Atlassian cloud products. With Access, admins can rest assured knowing that the proper security measures are in place across all of the Atlassian cloud products being used within their organization.

Get started quickly with our Cloud Enterprise edition which includes Access at no additional cost. Protect your most critical work and enable secure collaboration with Access and the advanced security controls in Cloud Enterprise which includes support for multiple identity providers and product requests. In addition, unlock other Cloud Enterprise-only features such multiple instances for scale, intuitive analytics for faster decision-making, and advanced compliance to meet regulatory requirements.

Our Premium plans offer the enhanced functionality and performance necessary for growing teams. Premium comes with additional features, such as, unlimited storage, tailored support, and guaranteed availability built in so your Atlassian cloud products can grow alongside your team.

When you layer Atlassian Access with our Enterprise or Premium editions, you’ll get a comprehensive solution that allows you to scale and secure the Atlassian cloud content and users across your entire organization.

Free two-step verification Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

The ability to apply two-step verification to an individual Atlassian account is completely free for all users. In other words, you do not need a subscription to Atlassian Access to apply two-step verification to your own account.

However, if you're an admin and would like to enforce two-step verification across your entire domain, you can do so with a subscription to Atlassian Access.

Billing for free products Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Users who have signed up for free accounts count toward your Atlassian Access bill as billable users. This includes the free versions of Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, or Trello on a domain governed by Access.

Exceeding annual user limits for Access Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

We’ll notify you with an updated quote for the tier that includes your additional users. We’ll also work with you to ensure you’re upgraded promptly.

In the meantime, your existing Atlassian Access capabilities will continue to work.

Community and academic discounts Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Atlassian Access is available for free to eligible Community and Academic customers.

How to exclude managed users from Access billing Copy link to heading Copied! show details +

Using the multiple authentication policies feature in Atlassian Access, you can create a non-billable policy and add managed users to it. These managed user accounts will be excluded from your Access subscription and won’t be billed or secured by Access features.