Introducing the Agile Product Management article series

At Atlassian, we pride ourselves on building great products. We rely on our fantastic product managers and product owners to lead the product design process. We’re also strong advocates of agile methodologies for software development, and love to share what we learn about agile with all of you. We’re excited to bring it all together with a new set of articles on Agile Product Management.

Introducing the Agile Product Manager


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We’ve started with four articles from a few of Atlassian’s product management experts, Sherif Mansour and Evan Michner. Sherif is Principal Product Manager for Confluence in Sydney and an Atlassian veteran. Evan joined Atlassian more recently as a Product Manager for Hipchat in Austin, Texas, after a stint starting his own company.

You’ll find articles covering the following product management topics:

Have a read, share them with your team, and give us a shout on Twitter to let us know what you think. We’ll be publishing more soon, and we’d love to hear what product management topics you want to learn more about. Choose from the list below or add your own in the comments.

Stay tuned to the blog for additional resources for product and project management, including how to use Jira and Confluence for product management.

Tips for agile product management