Incident management for high-velocity teams

The path to better incident management starts here

Create your own incident communication plan workshop

Statuspage helps you communicate incidents and downtime to your customers, but tools are only one part of the equation. You also need the right people and processes in place – which is where our "Create your own incident communication plan workshop" comes in.

Throughout this 4-video workshop series you'll learn how to:

  • Define what constitutes an incident for your team
  • Create and document incident roles & responsibilities
  • Choose proper incident communication channels
  • Create pre-written incident templates to help get updates out as quickly as possible
  • Use incident values as a north star for decision making during incident response

Watch the videos in order, or pick and choose topics as you see fit. Download a worksheet to start creating your custom incident comms plan as you watch the videos. You'll leave with a documented incident communication plan you can share (and continue building out) with your team and we'll recommend Atlassian Team Playbook plays that can help along the way.

Step 1: Defining an incident for your organization

Step 2: Assigning roles and responsibilities

Step 3: Preparing incident communication channels

Step 4: Establishing guiding values for incident response

Resources for creating an incident communication plan

Find all of the Atlassian Team Playbook plays mentioned in the above videos listed here:

  • Find Atlassian's definition of an incident in our Incident Response Handbook and learn more about our incident response plan.
  • Roles and Responsibilities - Help your team work together effectively by clarifying individual responsibilities and finding gaps that need to be filled.
  • Incident Response Communications - Good incident response doesn't just mean fixing the problem – it means being transparent with customers, too.
  • Incident Values - Identify what your team values most during incident response and create a plan to live those values consistently.

In addition to using tools like Statuspage for incident communication, it is important to have a well organized solution for incident management. Jira Service Management provides the tools to help teams execute organized incident responses. With features like alert management, issue tracking and analytics, and communication integrations—including Statuspage, SMS, email, Slack, sand more—teams can benefit from a more collaborative response and resolve incidents quickly.

Discover how Jira Service Management can boost collaboration and help your team communicate seamlessly to resolve incidents as quickly as possible.